Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer-itis and Leaky Brain

I've been made of blog fail lately.

No idea what's going on. I think this might be a symptom of summer-itis.

Even if the now-5yo was only going to preschool twice a week, there's a strange comfort in the school year, for me. There's a regimented routine, a schedule everyone all around us follows. With the summer and sunshine and kids going to bed way way waaaaayyyyy past their bedtimes and sleeping in until lunch everyday, it threw me.

5yo starts kindergarten September 3 (yeah, on a Friday, the one before Labor Day, no less, don't ask me why...) I am looking forward to more routine at home.

So while I have been severely remiss in blogging, along with commenting on your blogs, please know, I have been reading them every day. It's just more often then not, by the time I think I have something to add to the conversation, the thought leaks out of my brain.

Summer-itis, I tell you. I'm actually looking forward to the fall. Hopefully my thoughts will stay in my head once autumn begins so that may be actual to lay some stuff down on paper. Wips are a-calling! And maybe the kids will actually go to bed early enough I might be able to get in some writing time at a decent nighttime hour!

Have your kids started school? Have the routines kicked in at your house?

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Stephanie McGee said...

No routines here yet. Two weeks. Then I'll have to come up with new routines.

Sleeping in until lunchtime sounds so nice. Sigh.

Hope your routines kick into gear soon.