Friday, September 25, 2009

All About Quantity

Firstly . . . Happy belated Autumn Equinox!!

I totally scheduled this to post on Tuesday, and then I guess in all the craziness of my being on a work trip (to San Jose, training people about stuff) I guess I didn't hit the Publish Post button. Duh... but anyway here you are!

So... quantity.

How many books have you written?

Me? I've written 4. Each one is less sucky than the one I wrote before it.

As I've written each book, I've seen how much better my writing has become. I've figured out how my flow works. And I feel more like I know what I'm doing when I'm writing.

My QUALITY has improved as my QUANTITY has increased.

I suppose that is what practice does for you, right? The more you practice (write) the better you get. Sweet.

But what about the publishing thing? Well, I think Ally Carter (author of the Gallagher Girls series & upcoming Heist Society) said it best on Twitter:

@OfficiallyAlly all starts with a finished book and with lots of homework. Be prepared and patient and if you're ready an agent will follow.

I believe all the quantity is part of the homework. So is the agent research, the query/synopsis writing, the waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

Then, when Quantity meets Quality. And the stars (or planets) align. And mountains move. And you find a plate of magical cupcakes on your kitchen table. That is when the agent follows.

I am sure of it!

Now . . . where is my forklift so I can move this mountain???

What about you? Your thoughts on quantity & quality ? How many books have you written?

P.S. To those at the writer's conference yesterday, it was great to (finally) meet you! More on my writer's conference experience next week!

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Angie said...

I think you are so right. I have only written one book, but I've lost count of the number of short stories I have under my belt. It's a lot of wordage anyway. Know I just have to wait for my stars to align. Great meeting you yesterday!