Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another Wordless Wednesday

Okay, I'm still in Baltimore for these meetings. And when I get home, I still, you know, have a real job to get caught up on too. Along with real life, and making sure my kidlets didn't forget me while I was gone.

So in an effort to try to maintain my semi-Zen-ness and try not to lose my mind trying to get more done than I possibly can in a day, I'll be a little M-I-A for a few days. Will still try to comment on other blogs where I can / when I get a chance.

See you soon!


ElanaJ said...

Good luck with everything!

Lisa Amowitz said...

Hi Windy. You are the 23rd follower on my blog and I am the 23rd on yours. Good luck with your "Zen-ness". After I get some rest, I'll aim for "Zen", too.