Thursday, November 12, 2009

I've Decided

Yesterday was mostly okay, and then I was suddenly feeling very overwhelmed (by real life) and had a bit of a meltdown. But, I'm okay now. I think.

After I got home from a family birthday party last night I got to thinking about how the suck part of my day had ruined all the earlier good parts of my day. And then I decided, you know, it is only really sucking because I'm letting it. I'm letting my mood take over again. Man! Those moods, they're sneaky buggers, aren't they?

Today I've decided my mood can do whatever it pleases, as I AM going to have a good day.

On to other news, since I missed yesterday and didn't post a wip update, just an FYI on the Nano front: I'm behind. Somewhere in the 12,000 range, I think. But I've also decided, guess what? That's totally OK. I'm still writing. That's the part that counts.

And after a hug from my 4-year old, things are good. Because I've decided that so long as the important stuff's taken care of, the rest will work itself out. I'm gonna take a break and go meditate now, feeling like I need a little more Zen in my life.

Have a great Thursday!


Angie said...

Hope you have a great day. I've noticed things in my life that I'm stressed about turn out just the same as they would have without the stress, so I'm trying to just chuck the stress out the window and seek serenity each day.

ElanaJ said...

More zen? Or more Zenn? Yeah, I think the second one. Glad you're feeling better.

Stephanie said...

Good for you!!!! I get the same way sometimes and I have to decide for myself that I am not going to let whatever the drama of the day is get to me. Some days it's easier than others, but I try. :)

Bethany Wiggins said...

I think I know you. Did you go out to lunch the other day with Suzette? If so, she's my sister. She says you're awesome... if it IS you!

I love your blog!!! The layout is so beautiful. And I'm glad you are having a better day today (hopefully).

WindyA said...

Angie- Thanks! The day hasn’t been great, but it’s been good. Appreciate the chuck it out the window sentiment. I’m going to have to try that one. Ignoring it is too hard sometimes!

ElanaJ- Zenn … yeah. Totally what I meant. But, yanno, I’m a sucker for Bad boys.

Stephanie – Today’s easier than yesterday, that’s for sure! Thanks for stopping by.

Bethany – Why yes, I did go to lunch with Suzy the other day. And I did know you were her sister, I follow your shared blog! And YES! It is me! I am having a better day, thanks! And thanks for the compliments on the blog and stopping by!

Mandy said...

Who couldn't use a little more Zen in their life? Pass some my way!

I'm with you on the NaNo front. I'm behind too, but I'm writing. Don't let a bad day get you down! Plow through it and move on to the next near-disaster ;)