Friday, November 13, 2009

The One Ring

Husband likes to tell people about our venture into the world of Tolkien via the first Lord of the Rings movie. You see, we went to see it, on opening night. This was not actually a truly planned event, I think the conversation went something like this. . .

Me: you wanna go see a movie tonight?
Him: I guess. What do you wanna watch?
Me: I don't know. I just want movie theater buttered popcorn.
Him: I want Sour Patch Kids.
Me: Okay, let's go.

Then we just picked the movie that had the next soonest starting time. Little did we know we were walking into a cult phenomenon. (At the time, neither of us had read much Tolkien and had purged all experiences from high school.)

Moving on. Can you imagine if the One Ring was actually one of these and not something cast from the depths of Mount Doom or what not?

Evil Dark Lord could’ve just passed these nifty little color coded sheets and yanno, when he was having a bad day, people could just leave him alone.

Or bring him some Super Mario cupcakes or whatever. (Super Mario would've made Middle Earth way cooler.)
I know that’s a bit random for today, but it’s Friday. And although the sun looks like it may be breaking through the clouds outside, it’s supposed to flurry all day. Then SNOW tomorrow. And be frigidly cold.

And we found a leak in our roof last night. Yeah. Sweet, I know.

Anyway, I’ve committed to turning my personal internal mood ring to be a nice shade of light blue and dang it, I’m trying.

Okay, have a great weekend everyone! Good luck to all who are Nano-ing or Reviso-ing or Delete-o-ing or maybe just Reading!


Angie said...

So, did you like the movie? I am a huge LOTR nut. We're watching The Two Towers tonight in fact. Have a great day!

WindyA said...

Angie- We did love the movie. We were in line for both the 2nd & 3rd ones that came out. The Two Towers is actually Husband's fave of the three. Enjoy it!

Tamika: said...

Movie butter popcorn is the only reason I run to the movies majority of the time!

B.J. Anderson said...

I'll watch anything if I have some movie butter popcorn. I liked the movies, but I was a little disappointed by how far they strayed from the books. But they were good, and I own all three so it must not have bugged me that much. :D

WindyA said...

Tamika - Yeah. The butter. The popcorn. Mmmmmmm

B.J. - I liked the movies and having seen many books to film adaptations since, I think they did a much better job than others out there. Not to name any vampires or anything.