Thursday, March 11, 2010

Recent Reads: Secrets and Fate

Book: The Secret Year
Count: 9
Genre: YA Contemp
Colt and Julia have been seeing each other for a year and no one knows. Not their families, not their friends. And especially not Julia's boyfriend. But when Julia dies suddenly, her journal ends up in Colt's hands and he begins to learn who Julia really was. Unable to really mourn for her since their relationship was a secret, Colt relives their year together in the months following her death and before long he realizes he can't live his life through a notebook. Engaging. Compelling. Amazing. I started this book and completely lost myself in it. Go read it.

Book: Something Like Fate by Susane Colasanti (May 2010)
Count: 10
Genre: YA Contemp
Lani and Erin are best friends. Jason is Erin's boyfriend, but from the day they meet, Lani knows she feels something for Jason. Something she shouldn't be feeling. It doesn't take long for Lani to know that Jason feels it too. When Erin leaves for summer camp - for 2 months! - Lani does all she can to keep her feelings inside, but when she suddenly has a chance to be with Jason, she's not sure what to do. Sometimes Fate's already decided what's going to happen, no matter the fall out. I really liked this book for one big reason: the entire story was more true to real life than I expected. There's not a simple answer to everything and resolutions don't always come easily.


L.T. Elliot said...

Ooh. Very interesting!

Danyelle said...

They both sound like fabulous books. :)