Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's Only Been 2 Weeks

But it feels like it's been FOREVER! Oh, how I've missed you guys!!

Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone for your kind words, concern, thoughts and prayers as I've gone through all this health stuff. But looks like, we should be all good now. I'm on the mend from my broken-ness and hope to be back to 100% in a few months. Yay!

And honestly, it really does feel like it's been so long. You miss so much when you walk away! I'm going to try to do some catching up and reading of your blogs as I'm able, because besides being back in the blog-o-sphere, I'm also back at the day job now.

On a different note, here's a few things that have happened during my "leave of absence" that I want to share:
1) Had heart surgery. But you already knew that.

2) Read lots and lots of books (this will be really important in a minute)

3) Planning a camping trip for the end of the month. I am such a city girl-what if I get eaten by a bear?!?!

4) Have decided distractions like possible life-threatening/altering health complications are really great to get your mind off things like querying

5) Got oodles of writing in

6) I turned 30 - OMG, now I have to check the 30-39 box in all those little questionnaires...

7) Outlined 3 new-ish projects
7a) Decided I hate outlining
7b) Knowing what's going to happen before I write it (i.e. the outline) makes me want to try to make it perfect the first time and, yeah, right.

8) Discovered I like Diet Cherry Coke
8a) But I like regular Cherry Coke better. Full fat, baby!
8b) Although, I'm still a Pepsi girl at heart. . . Coke has a weird aftertaste, I think

9) Big Kidlet turned 5 :'( I'm such an emotional mother


10) Had to make a list of all the MUSTS I have to pick up for a "Thanks for being patient with me and letting me recover from my holeyness CONTEST!"

That's right. This is your heads up. Check back on Monday for a "Not So Holey" contest and your chance to win great prizes and fantastic books!


Stephanie McGee said...


Glad you're back and feeling so much better!

Lydia Kang said...

Hey Windy! Welcome back! so glad you're doing better.

And didn't you get the memo? Age 30is the new 16.


Cole Gibsen said...

Oh, thank goodness you're okay!

T. Anne said...

Lots happening all at once! I'm glad your not so holey anymore. ;)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!!! Here's to continuing on in good health!! :D

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Er, how come I didn't know about the surgery? I can't believe I missed that! That would also explain why I haven't seen your posts in a while.

I have two outlines finished. And I still love outlining. ;)

We don't get Diet (or regular) Cherry Coke. Hmmm. That's not fair!!!

Hope your health continues to improve. I've missed you. :D

WindyA said...

Lydia - Thanks! And dang, that email must have gotten caught in the spam filter! No wonder I NEED to write YA. I knew I was still a teenager!!

Laura - *raises glass* yes, good health!

Angie said...

Welcome back Windy! So glad you are on the mend. Don't worry about turning 30. I am pushing 39! Yikes. It's great that you got a lot of reading and writing in. I read a lot when my ankle was hurt, but writing--not so much. Looking forward to your contest!

Johnny Sengmanichanh said...

Camping trip? Where to?

Pam Harris said...

Yay! You're back! We missed you. :) I'm glad the surgery was a success. Oh, and I'll be joining you in the 30s club next year. Make room for me, okay? :)