Monday, June 21, 2010

Plan vs Actual

Ahhhh! It would seem, I don't truly know how to "take it easy" as everyone (including the doc) has advised. So maybe I shouldn't have been so gung-ho about trying to get back on top of my blogginess. Grrrrr me. I'm disappointed in myself.

What I planned: Back to F/T blogging (4-5 posts a week) beginning last Wednesday.
What happened: I posted on Wednesday.

What I planned: Taking it easy over the weekend, getting some rest, before starting back in the office on Monday (today)
What happened: My entire in-lawish family came into town (Husband's grandma has 8 kids plus ALL of their kids) and stayed the entire weekend. My immediate in-lawish family is still here through the end of this week. = No rest for Windy

And finally. . .

What I planned: Opening up the Not-So-Holey contest today
What happened/is happening: It isn't gonna be a Not-So-Holey day. Sorry guys. I wasn't able to get my act together enough to get everything I needed to organize this contest. I am hoping for some catch up time later this week, so I have now been made truly aware that the planned and actual don't always go together. *sigh* So give me a couple more days and I should be ready!

I feel like such a slacker! Sorry sorry sorry. . . this whole recovery thing, it takes a bit longer than my brain and body realized and I'm not sure I really like this :(


Christine Fonseca said... promised me you'd take it easy. I'm, holding you to it! HUGS

T. Anne said...

REST!!!!! It's summer, you totally have permission. ;)

Angie said...

Don't feel like a slacker. Take it easy! Really. You had heart surgery. We all want you well, even if it means less blogging. Take care.

Mary Campbell said...

Taking it easy - so much easier said than done. I was a bed rest for many months for all of my pregnancies and it's practically impossible to take it easy.
But I'll say it to you again - don't worry about the contest - take it easy.

ali said...

You are totally NOT a slacker. You're being way too hard on yourself Windy. Having the whole fam show up for a weekend vacay is enough to deal with, let alone still healing. ((hugs))

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Um, did your in-lawish family not realize you need to recover? That's terrible.

You have the right to be a slacker. Not that you are. Maybe you should be for awhile. I know, that's easy for me to say. *hugs*

Stina Lindenblatt said...

I have something on my blog for you today. :D

Julie Musil said...

Heart surgery? Holy cow. Take care of yourself, and don't worry when things don't go as planned.

Jen said...

REST!!! It's super important, though I understand, I go stir crazy, fear I'm missing something, want to help out... it becomes chaos and the only one who's hurt in the end is you!