Friday, October 15, 2010

Random Stuff Friday

It's Thursday night as I write this and I'm recovering from a flight home, my 2nd time on a plane since surgery, so forgive me if this post seems mildly disconnected. My head feels like it is no longer attached to my body. Good thing this is the random stuff post.

1) As I said, I was on a flight home Thursday afternoon, after spending most of the work week in San Jose, CA. In case anyone was wondering, California is still there and is still broke. It was a hot topic all over the news given upcoming elections. But that's not what I was going to tell you about. I was actually going to tell you about how I got upgraded to 1st class on the trip out there and how Delta serves their in-flight drinks in some very nice glasses. I want a set for my house. They're heavy and all nice and round and you can tell they're pretty decent quality. I should've taken a picture. See this is the sort of things I notice when I travel. Pretty exciting stuff, huh?

2) I didn't read on my trip. Like, at all. Unless you count street signs and workish stuff during the day. Could've had something to do with the fact that the flights made me sicker than all get out and I couldn't see straight. Plus after each day I was so exhausted I didn't even have it in me to read. So Captain Nook stayed in the bag for the entire trip.

3) I love Indian food.

4) I realize that most of what I'm telling you now I've already tweeted. So if you would rather get up to the minute details of my oh-so-exciting (not really) travels, you should go follow me (@windyaphayrath) just saying.

5) I seriously just typed 6, even though I only do 5 random things each week. I think that's a sign I'm done for the night.

All right. Peace out. Have a great weekend all.


Pam Harris said...

I like the idea of posting your random thoughts. I feel like I could do this everyday since I'm so, well, random. :) I hope you're feeling better, by the way.

WindyA said...

Thanks Pam! I am feeling a little better this morning. The randomness sharing helps. I can do it every single day. That's what Twitter's for ;)

Stina Lindenblatt said...

I'm doing my part for California. My family and I are going back to SF next month. We were there for spring break, too. Let's just say my husband fell in love with the place. Plus, I was in LA for the SCBWI conference. Not bad considering I live in Canada. ;)

WindyA said...

Stina - I've never been to SF! SJ is as far north as I go. Most of my fam is in SoCal. And you're clearly working hard to help salvage California's economy. Lol!

L.T. Elliot said...

I hate that flying still makes you feel awful. I hope that it gets better. *hugs*

I love Indian food, too. Seriously, can it get better than that? *happy sigh* Oh, Tikka Masala, how I adore you! ;)

lotusgirl said...

I just realized in the last few years that I love Indian food. How have I missed this my whole life? It's amazing stuff.

WindyA said...

LT - I didn't used to mind flying. Now, I mind it a lot.

Lotusgirl - Indian food. It's some deeeeee-lish stuff!

ali said...

Well, you COULD'VE done six random things--you're such a tease.

So why do you think flying post-surgery makes you so sick? ((hugs))