Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Working Too Hard

There is such a thing.

I hope people realize that it is real and not just one of those cliche things that people say.

I bring this up because today is technically my Friday from day job. I'm supposed to be off after today, but we'll see if this really pans out: I still have SO MUCH work that needs to be done before I'm off.

You see, I'm heading out to California for some family business and won't be back in town until Sunday night. Then first thing Monday morning, I leave for another business trip, this one taking me to Baltimore for all day meetings for nearly a week. I won't be back until late Thursday night. The day before Husband's big 30th birthday, which I've also got scheduled off. So basically, all work that is due between now and the end of March has to be done TODAY!

Plus, I've been trying to lay out my plans to get myself back into the writing groove, with a couple new projects tugging at me for attention.

Needless to say, there's lots of running, running, running.

And yesterday, in my uber-day-job-productivty, something happened to tell me that I've been running too much over the past several days:

My good (not!) friend, Migraine, decided to stop in for a brief visit last night. Just long enough to knock me off my feet for several hours and keep me from working after I got home last night.

So just a reminder to all those out there who feel that pressure of working (whatever you may be working on) too hard, too long, too much ... really, it's okay to take a few minutes and have a break. It's way better than to end up out of commission and lose hours.

Luckily, I'm up, rested and refreshed today, so here's to some uber-productivity and NO visits from any not-so-good friends!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Amanda Bonilla said...

Glad you're feeling better! It's so easy to over work yourself and everyone needs a break now and then. Hope your trip goes smoothly. Don't work too hard!

Angie said...

Good luck, Windy. I hope all your travels are safe.

L.T. Elliot said...

Migraines are of the devil. I had one hit me at freaking 3 AM this week. What? I'm already sleeping! But no, it woke me and demanded cold washcloths. It also tried to make me barf.

I'm so happy to see more of you. I should see more of you in real life!

Have a wonderful trip(s)! *hugs*

Martin Willoughby said...

Hope your trips go well and Mrs Migraine has a long holiday.