Monday, March 5, 2012

The Bigger Picture

It's been just over a month since my last post. I meant to post more, but I just kept forgetting. And now, things are finally starting to sort themselves out a bit.

With working, parenting, writing, daycare, and sorting general other family things out, I'm exhausted. But the sun will rise again and that means, we've all just gotta keep on trekking right?

Enough whining. So guess what? I FINALLY finished revisions on a project I've been working on for what feels like FOREVER. Really, it's been about 3 years, I'd say. Now don't think that's all. In the midst of revisions on this project, I've also drafted an entire other manuscript, gotten about halfway done with draft 0 of yet one other project, and done some general outlining on about 6 other story ideas. I'd say that's a pretty productive last 3 years.

That being said, I feel like I've not got much to show for it other than lots of word documents on my computer, a lack of blog posts, and some pretty kick @$$ writerly peeps I've gotten to know.

I guess this sort of random, rambly post is mostly me trying to collect my thoughts around what I've gotten done. In the past few months, I feel like not much, but that's speaking only on the writerly stuff. Family took precedence and I think everyone can understand why. But if I look at the writerly stuff for the last few years, I've been pretty damn productive. Gotta take the victories where I can get them!

Sometimes, you gotta take a look at the bigger picture to help get refocused. What's your bigger pictures looking like?


Sarah Bromley said...

You've certainly had a rough go of things, and while you don't necessarily feel like you've come very far--you really have. You've also learned a lot about yourself as a writer, I think, too.

I'm not as far as I would like to be. I'm farther than I used to be. At this point, I'm in a holding patter just waiting to see what happens. But my big picture is that I have crit partners and an agent who believe in my work even when I can't.

Amanda Bonilla said...

You've definitely been productive and the work you've done on said book isn't small potatoes. You should be proud of the work you've done. Especially when you factor in real life. Really, you need a vacation! ;)

Martin Willoughby said...

That is very productive. Give yourself a pat on the back....or a chocolate cake, whichever you prefer.

L.T. Elliot said...

You're one of the hardest working people I've ever met. I know you've been busy and someday soon, you'll have a hell of a lot more to show for it, I know it. All the same, what you do have to show isn't invisible to me. You've done well and I'm proud of you. *hug*

I'm just so happy to see you. =]