Monday, January 14, 2013

What's Your Wrench?

We're off to see the Wizard! The wonderful Wizard of -- Oh, wait.

I'm heading down to Mexico City today, will be there for a couple days, then to San Jose for a meeting with some big kahunas, before I get home on Friday.

So I'll be online, but sporadically.

I've learned over the last year or so that whenever I travel for #dayjob, I am so much more absent from my onlineyness, and I wonder, what is "that thing" that seems to throw a wrench into your normal weekday routines?

I always have a hard time staying up with all the goings on, squeezing in my word counts, blogging, tweeting, and all that jazz. I need to figure out how to take that time and make it more ... oh, I don't know, productive or something. Like maybe I should write during layovers instead of playing Facebook games... just kidding ... maybe not *whispers* >someone send me Candy Crush Saga tickets so I can get to the next level!!<

Clearly, my wrench involves getting on airplanes (and FB games) and this thing called work, *pshaw* ;) but yeah, how about you? The Children? Goats? Sparkly vamps?

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ali cross said...

I have no idea. I hate those wrenches. I'm not big on spontaneity. But scheduled stuff--I can usually (ha, I use the term "usually" very loosely here) plan for them. Plan places/times to write and stuff. If it were me, I probably would write during those layovers because I'd let myself think, think, think, of the story while flying or whatever and then as soon as that writing time presented itself--BAM. I'm ready to write.

But the other stuff? The blogging, tweeting, FB stuff? Not so much. I fail at that stuff all the time.

Hope your trip was uneventful and you're home catching up on some much needed family time!