Monday, March 18, 2013

The Small Victories

Happy day after St Patrick's Day! Also known (this year) as, Monday.

Speaking of St Patrick's, how did you guys celebrate? We had an almost all green breakfast at our house, with green pancakes, green eggs, and even some green milk. Once I got over the visual that made me want to yak, it was all pretty good.

Over this holiday weekend, I finished drafting on a project I've gone back and forth and sort of finished, then decided it wasn't done yet, etc etc. We'll dub this project the Carnival of Messes. Well I committed to someone that I would have it FINISHED, as far as first drafts go anyway, by the end of the weekend. And phew, I came in just under the buzzer. Literally, it was 11:59pm when I hit save and closed the file. So I didn't actually write The End, because, well, it's only a first draft and I know from experience it is so so far away from being truly done. But that's another blogpost.

The most important part of this story is that I finished this Carnival of Messes that never wanted to end. People around me always tell me to celebrate the small victories before I move on to the Next Big Project, in my case this will be Revisions v.Zillion on a different project. With as crazy of a business as publishing is, I know celebrating the small stuff should be done, but I too often am too busy and move on to the next thing.

Do you guys celebrate all your small victories? What do you do to celebrate?


Angie said...

Oh, definitely celebrate! Chocolate is usually appropriate.

Amanda Bonilla said...

Yay for victories of any size! ;)

Martin Willoughby said...

I have a cup of tea, or a treat myself to tea and cake at a cafe.

Nichole Giles said...

Pie. We need pie. At the end of this week, I will have a small victory too: turning in the last, last, last of my copy edits. *dies of exhaustion*

May: Pie. That is all.