Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Days and Chicken Pox

In light of my mayonnaise jar and 2 cups of coffee ... I thought I'd pop in with some general updates ... It's been snowing pretty consistently on/off for about a week now, so I guess it is really safe to say that winter is upon us. Thanks to an extended maternity leave in the middle of the year, my three weeks of vacation has granted me extra time off now, so I've got some extra mommy-kid time. I have to say, that is awesome! I really miss the girls when I go off to work every day and this is great. It's also great to hear when our 3 year old tells me that she loves to stay at home instead of going to pre-school or to her grandparents' house.

On another note, the baby has chicken pox. At 7 months, she hasn't been vaccinated yet, and then when my husband went to give her a bath, he freaked out about all the spots that she had. We had a quick trip to the dr. who told us that what she had could possibly be chicken pox. Or not. What does that even mean? It would be nice to have a better answer, I mean, isn't that one of the many reasons we pay for their services? I don't really want to hear "well, it could be, but I'm not sure, so just keep an eye on her. If it is then do this and this, if not then don't worry." I could have just sent a picture from my cell phone and probably got the same answer. If they offered that service. Which actually ... hmmm that sounds like a good business idea....

Anyway ... back to the snow ... here's a couple pictures of Peyton enjoying the snow! Have a great day!

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