Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Recent Reads: 100 Dogs / Lost It / Stealing Heaven

Book: Dust of 100 Dogs by A.S. King
Book Count: 22
The premise: Karma can be a bitch, literally. It is the story of infamous teenage pirate Emer Morrissey who is cursed just before she's murdered, to live the life of 100 dogs before she is reborn as a human. The kicker? All her memories remain intact.
Interesting take on curses and reincarnation.

Book: Lost It by Kristen Tracy
Book Count: 23

The story of Tess Whistle and how her junior year turned bizarro with the drop of a blond Jesus Christ portrait. Her parents up and leave for some wilderness camp to "find themselves," her outspoken, lottery-winning, sexy underwear buying grandmother comes to stay with her, her best friend is trying to build a bomb to blow up a poodle and it's all enough to make her think everything is losing it.
A recommendation from my 17-year-old sister, I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was an overall amusing and humorous read.

Book: Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott
Book Count: 24

Can I just start by saying I love Elizabeth Scott?

Danielle is funny and snarky and even as an 18-year-old silver thief, accomplice to her mother, she's completely real. When Danielle's mother cases out the town of Heaven for their next heist, Danielle didn't expect it to be any different from any other job. Heaven is completely different from any other place she's ever been and suddenly Danielle decides the life she's always known isn't the life she actually wants.
Danielle's story is simple on one side, crazy complicated on the other, but despite it all, she felt real to me and that was what made this one of my new faves.

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