Friday, August 28, 2009

So Glad It's FRIDAY!!

I'm tired. And I feel like this has been, like, the LOOOOOOOOOONGEST. Week. Ever.

The 4-year old started preschool. She loves it. I mean LOVES it. So much so that when I dropped her off on her first day, I had to holler to her to come back and give me a kiss goodbye before she left for her day. Yeah, the kid is all about schoolish stuff - she totally got my bookworm-nerd genes.

With preschool comes 1 morning a week I drive car pool. After much shuffling, scuffling, rearranging and maneuvering, we have discovered 3 booster seats do not fit well in the back seat of my sedan. So now we need a new car. I haven't had a car payment in 7 years. Not looking forward to this.

Speaking of my car, the registration expires this month. For the first time EVER the husband was timely on and all safety and emissions stuff has been done (yesterday). All that's left is renewing online.

And remember, when we went out of town (who can forget the infamous Rest Stop adventure)? It was because the Husband and his brother had plans to do some serious vehicular improvements on his "Ladybug" - aptly named by the 4-year old. (I'll find a picture and it will explain everything, but not right now. I'm too tired right now.) Anyway, Husband LOVES this car. Anyway, on his way home after picking up Preschool & Toddler from daycare, he was rear-ended. SUCK. All the people are okay, but the car is injured, though still functional.

This takes us back to, oh, wouldn't it be nice to have a new car. *sigh*

Moving along, on the brighter side, I've been querying a bit on the DL. I like to think I have a pretty thick skin, but it is my own false self-assurance and I have decided I really don't. So here is my thoughts on queries and you can take it for what it's worth.

Rejection sucks.
Requests rock.
Waiting is akin to the 7th circle of Hades.

You can probably tell where I'm sitting.

Okay, well, sorry for the full o' venting post. Just had to ramble a bit to get stuff out of my system. But hey, it's Friday, right? So seriously, my weekend can only get better from here!


ElanaJ said...

Yes, I'd like a new car please. :) Have a great weekend!

Angie said...

Hope your weekend was great. I hear you on the car thing. And the rejection thing.