Tuesday, December 22, 2009

On Vacation

I'm OFFICIALLY on vacation today. Actually, it was official as of end of business last Friday, but *sigh* I found myself (with 1 kidlet in tow) in the office yesterday still trying to closeout my year. But now, I'm done.


The last few weeks have been so busy at day job that I've pretty much come home barely able to function, let alone get any writing/revising/critting/reading done. So that is what I am doing during this vacation, starting TODAY!

To those of you who are waiting on something from me, I apologize profusely. And for everyone else, after much deliberation I've decided not to take a full hiatus from blogging, though with the holidays, it may be sporadic, but beginning in January, I'm totally going to be better about posting more consistently.

Let the creativity flow and the vacationing commence!


Nisa said...

I hope you enjoy your holiday and have a merry Christmas! :)

WindyA said...

Thanks Nisa! You too!!

ElanaJ said...

I'm so glad you're on vacay -- finally! I hope you get a lot of good rest!

Stina Lindenblatt said...

It's so nice to take a blog holiday, isn't it? Enjoy your break.

(aka Tuulil on QT)

Bethany Wiggins said...

Vacation away, my dear. And may your dreams be filled with visions of sugarplums and agent contracts.

WindyA said...

Thanks Elana & Stina!

And Bethany... those are some pretty sweet dreams your wishing me :D

L.T. Elliot said...

I hope you enjoy your vacation and don't have too much work to bug you. =]