Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Thoughts During New Moon

I saw New Moon *cue fantastical vampiric-werewolfian theme music* over the Thanksgiving weekend. I don't see many movies in the theaters. Why? I have a preschooler and a toddler. Enough said.

Now, I've tried to keep out of the ongoing Twilight war. Team Edward-Team Jacob.. eh... I'm one of those middle of the road fans. I enjoyed the books, not as anything deep-thinking and life-altering or anything, but .. yeah. So, I did not fight the crowds for a midnight or before-the-crack of dawn showing. After seeing previews with the cool CGI wolves and how much better the cinematography was (like I didn't think I was going to vomit from the shaky camera) I figured, eh, when I get around to it, I'll go watch it.

I figure this doesn't really warrant a *spoiler alert* as the I'm sure most of you (if not all) have already read the book.

So there I am. Chowing on extra-buttered popcorn mixed with Raisinets (don't knock it 'til you try it). Jacob Black appears on-screen, crossing the parking lot to Bella ... And the first thought to pop into my mind? (Which I promptly whispered to my sister who giggled and got us shhhh'd) .... "Oh my gosh! Shark Boy! You grew up!" .... yeah, that's right. Shark Boy and Lava Girl is one of my preschool kidlet's fave movies.

Promptly, that joke wears out and we continue on our merry way... la-da-da ... So here are a few of my non-Shark Boy random thoughts whilst watching New Moon:

~If I was Charlie and that was my daughter that shirtless dude was carrying out of the woods, I'd have some serious questions for shirtless dude.

~Wow, the normal non-vampire loving humans in this movie are hilarious!

~Jacob Black looks WAY better with the short hair ...

~Dude, the guys who play the werewolves are some new form of hotness ... WOW.

~Oh, jeez, will they stop doing this spinny circulating thing with the camera? I feel like I'm gonna throw up. Clearly, they wanted to remain consistent with the first movie.

~Victoria has really good hair.

~Where are the werewolves?

~Okay, a vampire (whole marble-esque body thing) having chest hair? Especially when werewolves don't? Isn't there something wrong with that?

~Where are the werewolves? - Oh, they're not in this part of the book.

~Aro sort of looks like the guy who played Lucian (the werewolf leader) on Underworld.

~Where are the werewolves?  .... Oh, yeah, they're not in this part of the book either....

~Oh! There's a werewolf! Oh, wait! Come back! ... Oh no!

The End.

I believe lots of you have seen the movie already also, but I haven't seen many thoughts on it. Would love to hear what you guys who have seen the movie have to say. And those who haven't are you just waiting... haven't gotten around to it... or are you one of those who just won't see it?


ElanaJ said...


That is all.

Mandy said...

I saw it this weekend too! Laughed myself to tears the first time Jacob took his shirt off and the girls in the theater collectively squealed! And yes, that vamp IS the actor who played Lucien(sp?) in Underworld!

Dominique said...

Lol. :)

I haven't seen the movie yet. I plan on getting around to it eventually, but I was too tired over Thanksgiving.

As far as the teams go, I am Team Mike Newton. He's the nicest, normalest guy in the books, and he gets picked on all the time. I feel sort of bad for him.

Kate said...

I must be the only person on the planet who loves the long hair, wig or no.

Anyway... not a cinematic masterpiece, but a vast improvement over the first movie. That's my $0.02.

Nisa said...

lol! I would love to see a movie with you just for the commentary! Awesome! I'm with you though. I have a toddler and a preschooler as well so movie theatres just don't happen often. This was one of those occasions and I like it! Maybe it had something to do with getting out of the house and being FREE for a night, but I thought it was better than the first movie for sure and better than the book even. (New Moon was my least favorite in the series.)

Nisa said...

Kate, I like him better with long hair. I was so sad to see it gone!

buttafly said...

Okay the scene where Alice envisions Bella and Edward running in the meadow... It was like a Massengill comercial ya know? Had that whole "feeling not so fresh" kinda thing going on. Over the top cheesy!

Windy said...
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WindyA said...

Hahaha ... you guys are all hysterical! Love it. I knew this post would generate some comments.

And yeah, Nisa, I'm GREAT for commentary at the movies. Just ask the ladies sitting next to us through this one .... :D

Stephanie L. McGee said...