Friday, May 14, 2010

Off the Hoozle!

Last night, that is what 4yo Kidlet said to me.

I can't even remember what we were doing but suddenly she said "Mommy, you're off the hoozle!" I think I just stood there and stared at her for a minute. Then I asked her where she heard that phrase.

It was from G Force. A Disney move (of all places). Yeah, I know, that is some *insert eye roll* filmmaking genius there. Let's just say some kiddie movies are easier to sit through as a parent than others. Anyway, Kidlet only watched the movie once and yet that phrase totally stuck with her months after seeing it.

So that got me thinking about those catch phrases in general. I know they come from songs and movies and TV, but do you know of one from a book? Do you have one in your book?

Maybe it's one the MC thinks all the time. Or what a supporting character says. Maybe you have one and you've never noticed?

My personal fave that I read in a book (can't recall which), is SUCKTACULAR. I mean, come on! There's so much spunk and personality and creativity in there!

Any come to mind for you, whether you made up the word yourself or read it somewhere? Share! Share! I'm all about expanding my vocabulary :)


Cole Gibsen said...

I love Scott Westerfield's use of the word, "Bubbly" in his UGLIES series.

Stephanie McGee said...

Tamora Pierce's Circle of Magic books have a character in them that says "Cat dirt" as her "swear word," sort of like drat or crap, or what have you. Loved it.

Lydia Kang said...

I wish I could say "bloody hell" like they do in Harry Potter, but somehow it's not the same without that cute Brit accent.