Thursday, July 22, 2010

Taking Time

I know other writers have done this before, but I don't think I have, so since this week's quote was all about time, I thought I'd give a breakdown of what a typical weekday for me looks like in hours.

24: We all start with this, right? Let's hope so, otherwise, the time-space continuum is totally screwing me.

1.5: Hours getting self/kidlets ready for day. (22.5 hours remaining)
9: Hours at the day job (includes lunch break) being all corporate analysty and stuff. (13.5 hours remaining)
1.5: Hours commuting to/from day job.  (12 hours remaining)
4: Hours making dinner, prepping Husband's lunch for work, sending Husband off to work, puppy stuff, playing with kids and then getting them ready for bed. (8 hours remaining)
1: Hour cleaning up from all the previously stated activities. (7 hours remaining)
1: Hour catching up on social networking, emails, etc that I may have missed throughout the day - not usually as I'm tethered to the BlackBerry, but it's happened. (6 hours remaining)
1-3: Hours writing

So if you do the math ... this leaves me about 3-5 hours for sleep.And I'm making do for now. I'd rather use the earlier in the day hours to play with the kidlets and hang out with Husband. I'll take time from my sleep to use for writing instead of taking the time away from the family. It's my sacrifice, but man, it's no wonder I'm so freaking tired all the time. This explains so much!

Okay, I need a nap.

So out of curiosity - what does YOUR 24-hour weekday look like? What do you sacrifice to get it all done?


Stephanie McGee said...

Your commute takes that long? Dang!

As for my day, well, it's not near as organized as yours mainly because my schedule isn't as steady. Ah well.

Amanda said...

You. Are. A. Machine. Enough said. ;)

Christine Fonseca said... wonder we get along. My breakdown is similar to yours!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I totally need 7 or more hours of job takes 10 hours a day...commute and activities of daily life (shower, eating, etc) takes 2-3 hours...which leaves 4-5 hours of writing, reading, hanging out with family, etc...

Mary Campbell said...

I admire people who go do a job everyday and still have energy to clean and write. I went to the WIFYR Conference for a week and I would come home completely exhausted. I didn't want to clean or make dinner. Your amazing. Do try to get a little more sleep though.

kd said...

My 24 Hr Day

2hrs- getting ready for work, cleaning, feeding/spending time with dogs

9-10hrs- at the day job.

1-1.5hr- commuting to and from depending on traffic

.5-1hr- working out or mowing front/back lawns

1 hr -cleaning while cooking dinner

1.5- hrs checking emails -social media marketing

3- hrs writing and/or graphic design work

That leaves me about 4-6 hours of sleep. I also write and do graphic design in between clients on the day job. And this schedule is flexible depending if I have interviews and/or auditions that pop up.