Monday, January 19, 2009

24 Hours

Safe in San Diego. Wow, that sounds like the title to some cheesy romantic comedy. Like Sleepless in Seattle but the weather is better. . . Anyway, made it to San Diego. The flight was packed, but it wasn't too bad. Except there was this family that was sitting around me, and seriously, I mean they were surrounding me. It seemed that every member of that family wanted a window seat so therefore they couldn't sit next to each other which meant they were having this half-yelling conversation across the tiny plane. Otherwise not such a bad journey. So, here for 24 hours, not going to have too much time to really enjoy anything other than work, but what do you do?

Anyway, my One Tree Hill is on. New episode and its been a while since I've gotten to watch this uninterrupted by a sibling or a child or a husband . . . so, yeah, going now.

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