Friday, January 23, 2009

Who You Know

I have to say, the insomniac part of my bio may have to change soon. I've been sleeping more lately. A good thing and a bad thing. Good because I'm getting more rest, that's good for a person's health and all that. But bad because I can't seem to get everything I need to get done done . . . namely I can't seem to keep my eyes open to stare at the computer for long enough to do anything but read what I've already written. Last I checked, that kind of activity doesn't finish manuscripts. . . . but hey, at least I'm sleeping more now.

Right after college I was young and idealistic and made a lot of decisions that didn't make any rational sense. I didn't buy into the whole "it's who you know" business, but felt that whatever was supposed to happen would happen. Well, I still feel a little that way, but I've also realized that you shouldn't waste good contacts. More specifically, I was speaking with a trusted confidante the other day and we discussed some of my writing. This came up just as anything else would, part of the what's going on, what have you been up to deal. Then she actually offered up that she knew some publishers that could be interested. W-O-W! I mean, I wouldn't have thought it, especially not here in Utah. And I wasn't really looking for a lead or anything, we were just talking, but hopefully this works out to be a great opportunity. I told her I would email her and once I am at the point of almost perfect (because perfect is impossible), I would send her one of my manuscripts.

Keep your fingers crossed! (I've got my toes crossed too!)

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Joanna said...

Ooh, ooh! I'm dancing in my seat for you!!!