Thursday, January 15, 2009

Out There

I've been trying to find ways to be proactive about getting my writing out there, but there's only so much you can do. What does "out there" mean anyway? Of course I want people to read my work, but maybe in a more controlled/copyrighted . . . (bound and published ;) perhaps) format. *sigh*

There's so many stories out there about musicians and artists who've put their work online via MySpace or other similar sites and have found success, but I think putting your writing out there like that is different. Though with music there are all sorts of those copyright infringment situations and people stealing other people's work, I think within writing it can be even easier to do. Copy & Paste . . . Now mind you, I'm a pretty positive person - at least I try to be - but there's just so much negativity that we see out there, people hurting other people, intentionally or not, that it makes me a little leery. (i.e. Stephenie Meyer's Midnight Sun debacle - the fans really just love her work so much that they were feigning for it, but it just ended up really hurting her - personally) ... Okay, moving on . . .

Today - in about 14 minutes actually - I am attending my first writer's seminar and I am really looking forward to it. I am hoping it gives me some additional insight into the publishing world, agents and more information on the business side of writing, because honestly, it's all business, right?

So here's to proactivity and productivity!

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