Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Utes, Twittering and Germs

Yay 2009. Go Utes!

Since I went to a school with only intramural sports, we didn't really have a team to root for. And in this town, when it's Holy War time, you can't be Switzerland (or Westminster in my case). What it all comes down to in the end, is that the UTES ROCK!!!!

Moving on, I have made a new discovery, due to one of my favorite authors, and that is TWITTER! Now I'm one of those people who have everything and don't have the time to check it all all the time. I have the MySpace and the Facebook and the blog, and a couple different emails and its just a lot to maintain, but honestly, Twitter rocks. Not much thought involved, just a simple 160 character one liner answering the ever asked question "what are you doing?" And a few minutes ago . . . my answer was that I am going to go do some Twitter recruiting.

In other news, the kids are sick again. And I am feeling it with them this time. Doesn't really help the whole returning to work and hitting the ground running thing, but alas. I did make a stop in the office of one of the people I work with who currently doesn't have children just to let her know that Kids = Germs. Everywhere. All the time. Cute germs, but germs nonetheless. I just wanted to warn her, you know, in case she didn't know.


Joanna Taylor said...

My internet was down and then holidays, and I'm just finally catching up with the world! I can't believe you posted so much while I was gone and that poor Elise had the Chicken Pox! Poor baby!!! Hope everyone gets feeling better soon. We've been going the rounds with that nasty cold, and now it's recycling. Ugh!!!

Windy Aphayrath said...

Yeah, I'm thinking that cold has come a-knockin' at our house too! Hope you guys feel better!