Friday, February 27, 2009

Comments Welcome

We've had temperatures around 50 all week and today? Well, it's snowing. Not just the tiny flurries, either. These are big, fat flakes that look all nice and fluffy until you have to drive in it! As long as it's been since we've had a good snowfall, I think everyone's forgotten how to drive - again. The traffic report on the way in this morning sounded terrible. Accidents and slide offs. Come on, people. You live in Utah, driving in the snow should be in your blood! Okay. Enough griping, moving on.

I've been really hesitant, I mean, really really hesitant, to put much of my writing out there. It's just so personal and there's the fear of someone making a critique and my taking it too personally. But I did it! As part of a "Drop the Needle" critique opportunity on Miss Snark's First Victim blog I just made the cut off! The theme? Chapter endings. The rules? 250 words. Let me tell you, identifying that last 250 words at the end of a chapter in a manuscript closer to 85,000 words is no easy thing. So if you're interested, here is my submission: Just Maybe. Comments welcome.

They just said the snow should stop soon and it could get up to 40 before the end of the day! Hooray! And sunny by Sunday? Maybe the weekend won't be a total wash!

Have a great weekend!

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