Tuesday, February 24, 2009


My third manuscript has been completed for a little while now. I let it sit and stew for a while before going back to do my edits and am working through that right now, but as such, I've also done a couple drafts of my query. I've had a few people read through my query, mostly just to get some general "would you read this if you didn't know me" feedback. My husband has said that isn't really a fair statement to add to my favor-asking because these people can't help taking into account that they know me. But still.

Overall, I received some great feedback and I've made some edits to my query and have since moved into the letting it stew for a few days period before I go back to edit some more. Before I do that, though, I had to share the reply to my query from one reader who shall remain nameless. I actually received 2 versions of the disclaimer, as I couldn't read the first one right away and reader decided that they needed to go back and "edit" their reply to me before sending it to me again as there were grammatical errors. Regardless, if you know who reader-who-shall-remain-nameless is, you will probably laugh as hard as I did. If not, well, it's still pretty funny.

So here I present reader-who-shall-remain-nameless's disclaimer version 2.0:

although i am not a writer nor read an absurd amount of books...in fact I'd say very little (2-3 books a year is about right), the options expressed are not in any way made through years of study, but rather from personal experiences and being an editor for a biweekly health article published at the U. I'm a biology major and all i have are experience points (which mean nothing). however, below are my thoughts on your query and I hope they help in provoking though. i did use "i think..." a lot and i'm well aware of my poor grammar, just so you know this is coming from a credential-less person. So please take this with with a grain of salt and let me know if i'm completely out-of-line or wrong. =) as i can give it, i can also take it (talking about criticism...not to be misunderstood as a statement of my sexuality...lol jk!).

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Kathleen said...

I know this doesn't have anything do with your post... but I couldn't find another way to thank you for your encouraging comment on my "Drop the Needle" submission over on the Miss Snark's First Victim blog. (I'm #38.) Thanks so much!