Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm Going Home Tomorrow

It's Wednesday. Late Wednesday. And normally this would be a Work In Progress Wednesday, but I haven't exactly had much time to "Work in Progress" ... Just work. Not nearly as fun.

I am actually writing this and going to post in real time. As I begin typing, it is 10:37 PM Eastern Standard Time and I am sitting in my hotel room in Baltimore watching a re-run of NCIS that is not really a re-run to me because I haven't seen this episode before.

It was the second day of a big meeting for work and I'm headed home tomorrow. I'm pretty excited to get home, but I'm on a super early flight. Like, 7:15 AM. I know that doesn't sound really early, but the hotel is about an hour from the airport. Also, if you haven't been to Baltimore-Washington International before, the car rental place is like a 15 minute shuttle from the airport. And you never really know what the security line will be.

So basically, I have to be up at like, 3:30 AM to get ready like I'm going to work, but instead, go to the airport in time. All goes well and get home, I get to go straight into the office, real life doesn't take care of itself, yanno?

Seriously, man. Suck.

Oh, and last night I was up until 3:17 AM before falling into not a very good sleep. So should I even bother going to sleep tonight? I don't even know.

But hey, on the bright side, I'm Going Home Tomorrow!

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