Saturday, May 16, 2009

Recent Reads: Eternal Moon

Book: Eternal Moon by Rebecca York
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Book Count: 8

I picked this book up along with Kiss of Darkness by Jennifer St. Giles. They both fall in the same genre, but feel so different. Again, I was a little leary of the whole alternate universe thing, but this is even less so than the world Ms. St. Giles has created.

Rebecca York's world is paranormal, but far more real than I expected it to be. Everyone's just like you and me, well, except some of them have powers and others turn into werewolves. In Eternal Moon, Renata is a reincarnated goddess working as a private investigator working on a case with the police to catch a murderer. The story was more than just romance and it wasn't far out enough for me to lose interest. Ms. York's work has actually pushed me to pick up another one of her books. More on that later!

So if you're interested in paranormal romance that isn't too far out there, I'd recommend starting with the Moon Series by Rebecca York. It's just enough without feeling too over the top. Imho, anyway.

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