Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Query-tastic Contests!

Did you see it? Did you miss it? I surely hope you did not!

If you did miss it, head on over to Elana blog and check out her Query-TASTIC contest. This is running in conjunction with Shelli's contest over at Market My Words (deets on that one below also).

Elana's running this great contest and here are some of the awesome prizes she's got up for grabs:
  • A query critique from one of 5 amazing agents!
  • A copy of Elana's ebook - From the Query to the Call (which I can totally vouch for and say it's made of all things useful.)
  • Or (a personal fave of mine as well) Super Sticky Post-It Notes
So hop on over there and get yourself entered!

Once you're done there, head on over to Shelli's blog and check out her contest. There's more to be won!

Shelli's offering up:
  • A query critique from one of 3 awesome agents!
  • Daily prizes throughout this Mardi Gras week
  • And 2 grand prizes - 1 each for the agented and unagented author!
So go check out these contests and good luck to everyone!!


Elana Johnson said...

Hey, thanks Windy for the linkage! You are awesome!

ali said...

Pretty sweet, eh? These girls really know how to throw a contest!

Shelli said...

thanks for the links dink! :) BTW I LOVE your name. Great name for a character!

Bethany Wiggins said...

Elana rocks!

L.T. Elliot said...

That looks like a killer contest!