Monday, February 8, 2010

Some Perspective

Let's just say, you're sitting around, catching up on the last couple few episodes of Glee, just minding your own business, when something comes to you. Something that could be big.
Not, Taylor-Swift-is-dating-werewolf-kid-from-the-Twilight-movies-oh-wait-no-they-already-broke-up big. I'm talking JK-Rowling's-first-print-run-of-Harry-Potter-7-was-12-million-copies big.

At least in your head it seems that way. You run off to your computer/notebook/find a pen. Whatever it is you normally write with.

And you start writing.

Is it first person? Third person? How many perspectives are there? Is it limited? Unlimited?

What about tense? Present? Past? Present with some past? Past with some present?

Obviously I'm wrangling with some perspective issues, so I figured I'd get your perspectives. Nothing like taking advantage of the blogging masses! So ... how do you decide?

P.S. I'm not really sure if the motivational poster has that much to do with the post, but I thought it looked cool. :P


Rebecca L Sutton said...

I love when BIG ideas hit. I'm not sure how I decide (I'm a big help, huh?) but a few times I've played with writing the same scene in different tenses and POV to see how they fit. Good luck!

Nisa said...

Hey, don't confuse me with all those options! 3rd person, past and as many characters as their are voices in my head. Oh dear... That's a lot.

Honestly, 3rd person/past is what I've always written in so it's not much of a decision. Maybe someday I'll branch out. I do love variety. Just not sure I'm up to the challenge. Yet.

Dominique said...

Big Ideas are great. :) Congrats.

Generally, when I write, I got with 3rd person limited. But, I think you've got to do whatever works best for the piece. I've had ideas come at me that were just Meant to be 1st person. It happens. Go with what the story demands.

Angie said...

I've always used 3rd person/past tense myself. My short stories have only one POV. My novels have multiple because it serves the story well. (Lot's of stuff happening in different places). Good luck with your BIG idea!

WindyA said...

Rebecca - I haven't tried that technique before. Thanks.

Nisa - Yeah, I know, right? So many choices *sigh*

Dominique - It's nice to get the reassurance that you're not doing it wrong once in a while. Thanks!

Angie - It's looking 3rd party past tense with multiple pov... so out of my comfort zone. Eeek!

Eric said...

I'm going to be dealing with this soon, whenever I finish up draft 1 and go back to edit. I am going to be changing around to a different pov. Oh, and I love the picture. That's awesome.

Elana Johnson said...

Very nice post! For me, I automatically gravitate toward first person. And I love present tense, and past, so I usually write in both. In the same MS. Yeah, I'm crazy like that. I think you just know what it should be. And if you don't, it'll come.

Nisa said...

Just wanted to let you know I gave you an award on my blog. :)

L.T. Elliot said...

I just try it out and see which speaks to me most. I've written a lot in this new project of mine and I think I'm going to have to change it to first person. YIKES!

ali said...


I had that happen the other day (well kinda sorta) and I SO wanted to write it in third person but it keeps coming out in first! Darn it all! I *always* write in first and I wanted to do something different.

But, it's a first :(

Go with the flow? Do what comes natural? I don't know!

But congrats on the BIG IDEA!!!

Stina Lindenblatt said...

While I've written in third person, I prefer to write in first. I know what you mean about tense. In the past, I've written in past tense. But I've read so many YA in present tense lately, I'm toying with the idea of doing the same on my latest wip. I've even written the first two pages in both tenses, but can't decide which one to do. And I know present tense is so hard to do well (at least according to agents), I wonder if I'll screw it up but not realize it. Oh the decisions!

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Btw, so what happened between the two Taylors? I missed the big announcement that they had broken up. Suddenly she's dating other guys! Maybe it was the name thing! :)

Mary Campbell said...

I'm still trying to choose, but I feel most comfortable in 3rd person. I have a hard time writing is 1st person - it feels to personal, too me.