Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fallen Apple

We've been going through some daycare issues because of the Husband's work schedule being a bit erratic lately, so last week found me dropping off and picking up the 5yo.

Well, she came running out of class ecstatic. As we walk to the car, she's flustered with excitement, telling me about a party. The first thing I wonder: oh, crap. Did I miss a holiday?

Then she tells me that it's a BOOK party.

My ears perk up. There were a lot of different kinds of book parties that I attended in elementary school. Ones where you got to wear pajamas to school and you spent the day reading under a table or a desk or wherever in the classroom. Book parties where you got to surprise someone else with a wrapped book exchange. Endless possibilities, I tell you.

But no. This was not one of those parties. It was a book party "for a man who wrote a book and he invited everyone from school!" Here's how the rest of our conversation went:

Me: "What's his name?"
5yo: "I don't know."
Me: "What book did he write?"
5yo: "I don't know."
Me: "Are you sure it's a book party?"
5yo: random rambling that I couldn't completely understand as she digs out papers in her backpack.
Me: *takes papers from kid and shuffles through newsletters* "Oh, Frank L. Cole came to your school today."
5yo: "Who?"
Me: *turns papers around to show her book covers*
5yo: "That's the books he had!"
Me: "You want to go to his book launch party next week?"
5yo: "pleasepleasepleaseplease."

Can you see where this conversation's going?

So yes, I will be taking the 5yo and possibly her younger sister also, to Frank's book launch party for his 3rd Hashbrown Winters book release tonight, Thursday, November 11. It's at the Barnes & Noble South Towne down in Sandy, UT if anyone's in the area and was also interested in coming.

Honestly, it sort of surprised me how excited she was about the book party. She's always loved books, but I had no idea that the idea of going to a party for a book would be so high on her list of things she had to do.

Clearly, 5yo is an obvious exhibit of the apple not falling far from the tree. And I couldn't be more happy about it!


Amanda said...

Hurray for book lovers old, young, and in between! Have fun! :)

L.T. Elliot said...

Yay! What a great thing for 5YO to be so much like her mommy! (And her mommy is awesome, you know.) I wish I could be there tonight but sadly, I have to make lots of cookies for a service shindig. Have fun and take pictures!

Angie said...

How sweet! I hope you guys have fun tonight.

Solvang Sherrie said...

I love when kids get excited about this kind of thing. Hope you guys had fun at the party!