Monday, November 8, 2010

To Be Great

Well hi! Did you miss me? I totally missed you guys! Obviously, I'm back now. And I've realized something in this last couple weeks that I've taken an almost complete step away from the bloggy world: taking that time away is really good for one's mental health.

That's not to say that you guys drive me crazy or anything, because really, I missed our conversations! But coming up with blog topics and trying to figure out the best times to post them and remembering to answer comments and commenting on other blogs, well, it can totally do a number on your brain cells. Especially if you're not at 100%.

Really, what I am trying to say is that "To Be Great," I think you also have to know when to take a break. The world keeps moving, yes. Life continues on without you, yes. But really, you are the greatest part of your life (and probably a few other people's lives as well) so if you're not 100%, you end up being not so great. And we all want to be the best we can.

As I strive "to be great," I have realized that sometimes, I just need to step back and take that break. It gives me a chance to realign my priorities and also means I get to come back filled with more randomness to share with you guys!

What do you think are things that help us be the best we can?


Pam Harris said...

I think honest feedback helps us be our back, but it should also be balanced with positive praise. While critques push anything I do (work, writing, etc) to the next level, it's also nice to get a pat on the back every now and then to see that you're appreciated. :)

Amanda said...

Taking a break can be a really good thing! Everyone needs down time for their mental/physical/emotional health. Taking a step back can also jump start your creative juices too. Great post!!!

lotusgirl said...

Breaks are very important. You've got to rejuvenate sometimes.

WindyA said...

Pam - On the writing side, definitely, honest, constructive feedback is imperative!

Amanda - me + breaks = too many ideas!

lotusgirl - for sure. I think if you don't take breaks, you're for sure going to burn out and no one wants to do that!

Carolyn V. said...

Yay! Nice to have you back Windy! I think it's important to have a little break to keep in the swing of things (and save my sanity). =)

ali said...

YES! I totally, totally agree.

In fact, I had this very same (well, almost the same, lol) convo with my hubby last night.

I have a tendency to let my to do list grow and grow, to where I'm busy checking stuff off (or working toward checking stuff off) late into the night. Even sometimes "down time" is scheduled! LOL I start to get cranky. I wonder why?

So, I need to NOT schedule so much into a day. And if I end up with an evening with "nothing" to do. More power to me! Huzzah!

So yeah. Breaks are great!

(so glad you're back though!)

Sara B. Larson said...

I'm glad you had a great break and feel so rejuvenated. That is so important, for sure!

Angie said...

Welcome back! It is so good to take a break once in a while. :)

Paul Greci said...

I'm with you on this. We have to tune into what we need because really, we're responsible for getting our needs met. And when we're conscious of this I think we can more fully engage in the amazing world around us.
Thanks for a thought provoking post! :-)

T. Anne said...

I think I'm going to cool it in December. I like that time of year to chill. ;)

Julie Musil said...

Welcome back! I think when you feel like you need a break, that's probably exactly what you need. As far as what we need to be the best we can...hmmm....a strong and supportive family never hurts!

L.T. Elliot said...

I love that thought. I need breaks, too and stepping back now and then is VERY good for me. Just knowing I don't have that crunch or possible failure when I can't do it all.

Glad to see you again, though. Because yes, I do miss you.