Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I'm not doing NaNoWriMo this year.

I think I've said that before.

The funny thing about that? I've written more since November has started than I have in the last few weeks, I think.

When I tried Nano last year, I didn't finish. There was too much real life/day job stuff that came up and took away all the free time I generally have to write. Things that didn't allow me to "take away" time and use it for what I wanted.

So this year, I'm working on a quasi-Nanowrimo ... it's more like FiNoWriMo ... Finish Novel Writing Month.

I've got a list ... a LIST, I tell you, of projects I need to get to, all are in some way, shape or form, started, but the one I've been working on has been waiting to be finished since, oh, September, I believe. And I cannot push it off anymore. These other projects are screaming in my ears. I have to finish the current one to give it some time to stew. Time I can use to write something else.

So I'm writing. Lots. To finish a novel, but not one that was started for Nano.

There's no reason not to ride the wave of other people's word count motivations and use that energy to get some words in for myself, right? Anyone else doing noNano writing?


Alicia Gregoire said...

Good for you on using everyone's word count to help push yourself.

Pam Harris said...

As if I already don't have 50 billion things going on (day job, part-time job, applying for PhD programs, etc), I've decided to sign up for NaNo. I'm surprisingly keeping up and even surpassing my daily quota at times, but it's a LOT of work. I'm glad I'm writing, but there's never enough time in the day. Good luck on finishing your projects!

Carolyn V. said...

Yup, I'm not. I've got school and kids. There just wasn't enough time to do 50k this month. But I'm hoping to next month.

Good luck on all the writing Windy! =)


Yeah, I completely agree with you. It sounds like you're harnessing the energy of Nano but in your own way, and making it fit your needs, rather than external, artificial ones. Enjoyed your post! Thought-provoking.

Nicole Zoltack said...

Good luck finishing your projects. That's what I plan to use early next year for, finishing up a lot of half-completed projects.

Eric said...

In the end, as long as you're writing, it's a good thing. And nope, no NaNo for me either. Not as much (creative) writing as I'd probably do on NaNo, but life is currently dictating what my schedule is going to be. Good luck with what you're doing.

Stephanie McGee said...

No time for NaNo this year so I'm definitely doing a NoNaNo.

Good luck with finishing!

ali said...

LOL! Hey, whatever floats your boat Windy!

T. Anne said...

I'm finishing up my WIP NaNo style. I'm trying to hit 3K a night this week so I can finish by the weekend or next week. I really am not feeling it too much for this WIP. Poor Wip. ;)