Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Look Around

When I first read this week's quote, I flipped past it, thinking I cannot have a quote about birth and death the week of (American) Thanksgiving!

Then I went back. And realized it was the PERFECT quote for the week.

There is so much that goes on in our day to day lives that really, we tend to forget that somewhere in there, stopping to enjoy what's going on around us is not a bad thing.

Okay, so your first draft sort of sucks - guess what? You're so totally not alone.
And you got a rejection letter too? I'm totally with you.
Car trouble? Yep.
Bad hair day? OMG, who hasn't??

But really, that's all sort of trivial in the grand scheme of things. Before you let something like uncooperative hair, a sink full of dishes or yes, even a rejection letter, ruin your whole day, week or even month, take a step back and look around.

I'm betting that after a deep breath, a hot bath and a nice cup of tea (Earl Grey for me, please), you'll see the good that's around you and you'll see how much MORE of it there is than you realized.


Pam Harris said...

Wow, every single problem you listed, I'm going through right now! But I'm trying my best to be thankful for everything I have this year, and am actually looking forward to spending time with my family this week. :)

Sarah Bromley said...

Oh, how we love to dramatize the small stuff in life! But you know...you bring up a good point: everyone has been through challenges, and most of the time, we get through them. Often with the help of our awesome friends.

Stephanie McGee said...

Oh so true. So so true indeed.

Great post!

WindyA said...

Pam - yes. me too. Ugh. But there's so much positive going on, I'd rather focus on that most of the time.

Sarah - awesome friends can help you get through anything, I swear.

Stephanie -well, I do try to tell the truth :)

Sara B. Larson said...

These are great thoughts. I always try to remind myself that it could always be so much worse,and I should be grateful that my trials are limited to what they are. maybe a strange way of looking at it, but working in the medical field will do that to you. Even if it was in the past. But I still have my mom to remind of what she sees every day at PCMC. I am very blessed, despite the things that sometimes go "wrong." Thank you for your perspective!

L.T. Elliot said...

Just the kind of thoughts I needed to hear right now. Windy, you are wonderful. Have I told you that I'm thankful for YOU?