Friday, January 14, 2011

Random Stuff Friday

I don't know about you, but I am almost post-it noted out. Almost.

Hopefully there was something in my post-it notey ways that was helpful to you this week, even if that helpful thing was that one can never have too many post-its.

I'm sorry for being a bit off the grid this week. It was completely unintentional. When I travel for the day job, things can get a little crazy.

1) Speaking of traveling for the day job . . . on Monday I left Salt Lake City in 16* weather and they had to de-ice the plane twice before we could even take off. And then I get to San Jose and what? I could see my breath! It was cold out there (and I know freezing cold on the East Coast too). I felt totally jipped. I mean, I did not head out to California in January to still be cold!

2) After I came home from San Jose, I saw the pile of mail sitting on my home office desk and made a new resolution for this year. Didn't I tell you I sort of add and tweak as I go along? So this new resolution? Stay on top of the mail pile. Of all that is holy, it is pretty crazy to come home from a week away to find a MOUNTAIN of mail on your desk. Yes, Husband could've gone through it, but I'm a bit Type-A about some things, so he just sorts out the junk mail. And we don't get a whole lot of imperative mail (most things are electronic), just things that need to be filed away. Still, it's a lot of filing. I do NOT enjoy filing.

3) Our Christmas tree is still up. I know. I'm lame. But it will be taken down this weekend. Not that it's any excuse, but this is what happens when you have 2 small children, a full-time day job that sometimes requires travel, and you're a writer. One of my friends said if I threw some hearts up on there, I could probably just call it a Valentine's tree and that will give me another month to get it put it away. I like the way she thinks.

4) I'm a planner. But I also am not entirely opposed to spontaneity either. Last night I was trying to plan a summer trip to go visit a friend. She's not a planner. This will be interesting ... Lol!

5) It's Friday. I just wanted to reiterate that fact. Also, 5yo doesn't have school on Monday and Tuesday. We've decided I'm taking a 1/2 day off on Monday so we can take a family trip to see Tangled. There is much little girl excitement at our house.

That's it for now... have a great weekend everyone!


Stephanie McGee said...

Hope your weekend's a good one!

Angie said...

I like the Valentines tree idea. You should totally do it. Hope you enjoy Tangled. It's super cute.

Christine Fonseca said...

Due! Love your posts. Miss ya and have a great weekend

Amanda said...

In defense of your friend... some people are simply terrified at the thought of making a plan. ;)Go easy on her, this is bold new territory.

L.T. Elliot said...

Ooh! Have a fun time at Tangled and hope the planning/non-planning vacay works out!

Nichole Giles said...

I agree that you can put hearts on your tree and leave it up for another month. I know someone who has done that before. Just sayin.

I love little girl excitement! We don't get a lot of that at my house anymore. But Son#2 and I went to see MegaMind this weekend, and it was cuter than I expected. So have fun!