Friday, January 7, 2011

Random Stuff Friday

And welcome to the very first list of random thoughts for 2011. Are you stoked? Yeah, I thought so. Me too. Why? Because I've been so filled with randomness for the last couple weeks and I didn't have anyone who would truly appreciate it.

So here goes. But don't set your hopes too high. No guarantees on how exciting or random these thoughts may actually be.

1) So I watched Eclipse with the fam the other day and I think 5yo's comment is the one that resonates the most of all that we said/thought during
the movie: "That vampire has a hairy chest." And you know, it's funny she points that out because I have made that observation before (like when I watched New Moon). And I think I was just obsessed with the hair (pieces) in this movie. Like how come Jasper's formerly pale blonde hair is now golden curly locks, like he should be hanging out with the three bears or something? Luckily, Alice is still awesome, so that made up for a lot of the bad hair. Also, there was still lots of ... "omg, that's SharkBoy!" but that's a conversation for another day.

2) Holiday cards are still coming in the mail. I don't necessarily call them Christmas cards because we have a couple friends who send New Year's cards. Which is cool. But yesterday when I opened one ... holy crap, I got a paper cut! Oh how a paper cut can cut my productivity in half. It's in a weird place on my right pointer finger. I'm right handed. This causes much maneuvering and careful typing and writing. It sucks. My brother and I decided that a death via paper cuts would be one of the most horrific things in the whole world.

3) Speaking of the mail. Look what else came:
I won SUBJECT SEVEN off Solvang Sherrie's blog and ElanaJ was kind enough to let me have a chance to read POSSESSION before it's released in June. Who's jealous? Go on, admit it. I know you want to. :)

4) As I type this, it is 14* outside. I know that's not as cold as some places where you guys live, but I also know that is still pretty FRIKKIN' cold! It's no wonder I own so many sweaters.

5) My brother's a big fan of YouTube. So's my sister. And so are the kidlets depending on what's playing. Here's the last video that had 2yo, 5yo and me laughing so hard we were crying. And my sister and brother laughing so hard at us. I dare you not to have a giggle fest! Oh, and it's better if you watch it in full screen :)

Have a great weekend everyone!


Pam Harris said...

I'm so jealous you're getting a sneak peek of Possession! Alas, I still wish you a happy weekend. :)

Elena Solodow said...

Thanks for the random!

Stina Lindenblatt said...

I'm totally jealous that you get to read Possession NOW.

I got a paper cut from my ms. Grrr.

LOL I know what you mean about Jasper's hair.

Chris Phillips said...

i hate when they get in the space between fingers.

Eric said...

Grrrrr. You have Possession. I am so jealous.

I was disappointed and yet understanding of Eclipse. It actually followed the book the way it should I thought, but since I found the book boring, the movie was too.

And Kung Fu Panda 2? How can that possibly go wrong? Woohoo!

Oh, and stay warm. It's all set to get in the low 0's here over the weekend possibly.

ali said...

I love your randomness. It's so you. And I've missed it and YOU!

I have to totally agree with ALL of your points! And ... can't wait for KFP2!!!

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Thats funny that your 5 y/o pointed out the hairy chest. I just can't bring myself to watch that movie more than once. I'm impressed. :)

Also I'm way jealous you get to read Possession. Lucky!
One of these days we'll actually have to all get together and write, or go out to lunch or something fun! :)

Nichole Giles said...

Thanks for sharing the funniness. And also, I got to read Possession too. LOVE it! #wearesoluckyarentwe

Cole Gibsen said...

The guys on Rifftrax call Jasper Evil Harpo - which makes me snort coffee through my nose every time.