Friday, May 6, 2011

Random Stuff Friday

1. Okay, hi. I meant to write this yesterday after I'd collected a week's worth of random stuff, but then ... well, Husband was home and we watched Sons of Anarchy on Netflix instead.

2. Speaking of Sons of Anarchy ... it's an HBO series (I think), so with it comes all the HBO-ness of the show, but that aside, (and one of my dear friends told me this way before I watched it) holy Samcro, this show has fantastic writing, an amazing cast of dynamic characters ... and Jax ... well, isn't he just one of the hottest bad boys with a heart of gold out there?

3. Now then, moving on. I have this kidlet birthday party dilemma. We have a 2yo and 5yo, who will - in the next 45 days - both be turning into 3yo and 6yo respectively. That's not the dilemma (though with the tantrums, sometimes I think it is). The dilemma is the type of birthday party to throw. At home birthday parties are fun and can be low key and your guest list doesn't have to be too limited. Location birthday parties (i.e. Chuck E. Cheese, anyone? ... etc) are easy - no stress over house cleaning, decorating etc. The problem? Well, my family is chock full of kidlets in the same age bracket as ours, but Husband's family has only 1 kidlet under the age of 10, the rest of them are in high school and older. If we do a kidlet party, then Husband's family is virtually excluded. If we do an at home family party, well that's just exhausting and a million people to feed ... because we are both really close to both our extended families so they would all be invited. So what's a girl to do?

4. On a completely separate note ... Sarah Dessen is going to be in Salt Lake City next week. Can I just say she is amongst the several proverbial yardsticks by which I measure myself? She's so kickass and I've been reading her books for years and am uber-excited to meet her! Anyone else in the area planning on going?

5. I have really white legs. Like, they do not tan, they do not burn, they're just a not so healthy looking, very very pasty white. Year round. This is why if you've ever met me, you'll notice everything I wear - even in the summer - is at least mid-calf in length. It's not because I'm that modest. And yes, I know tanning, tanning. I'm sort of paranoid about sun exposure, so, yeah. Tanning has never really been for me. But! Yes there's a but here ... this year I've already seen so many super cute little sundresses that I've caved. No, I'm not laying out or going into the tanning beds or spray tan booths. I've started using the not as harsh Jergens Natural Glow. It's only been a week, but wow, I'm not nearly as pasty as I was. Plus, it's a nice moisturizer and I can just sunblock over it - again with the sun exposure paranoia.

I'm off to do some sundress shopping this weekend, in the hopes that it will help keep the weather warm and chase away the lingering bits of winter that seem to be clinging on. Have a great weekend everyone!


Amanda said...

Sons of Anarchy is one of my FAVORITE shows!! It's an FX series, though. ;)I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I disregard my standards for cleanliness when it comes to Jax. That man is HAWT!

Yay for birthdays and moms awesome enough to organize them! Have fun!

Sara B. Larson said...

I've never seen Sons of Anarchy. Sounds interesting!

And yes, we did both post about birthdays and tanning. How funny! I want to see pics of your sundress. :)

Diane said...

Hope your legs blind anyone this summer. Hugs and happy weekend!!! :O)

L.T. Elliot said...

If the party is bigger, I almost always do location parties because my home is smaller and I can't hack the stress. Boondocks, while expensive, is kind of a nice choice for both age ranges because there's big kid stuff to do (go carts and arcades) and little kid stuff to do (mini-golf, giant jungle gym). It's a thought.

I love the idea of a nice sundress. I bet you look awesome!