Friday, May 20, 2011

Random Stuff Friday

1) It took until Thursday for me to realize I hadn't blogged all week. Not even a quote! I'm sorry guys. After the Great Blogger Crash of Friday the 13th coinciding with Sarah Dessen Day (at least in my world) , along with a weekend filled with family and friends and little kids birthday-ing, well, things have been a bit crazy.

2) Speaking of Sarah Dessen Day ... so she was here last Friday at The Kings English in Salt Lake City and it was probably one of the BEST Friday nights ever! She's one of my heroes, you see. A queen of contemporary YA and such a sweet, Southern gal. I'll have my pictures up next week to share!

3) See, now I feel like I need to have 2 weeks worth of random stuff to share, except, I can't remember all the random stuff from last week and even this week's stuff is a bit overshadowed by the INSANE hailstorm that pummeled our house last night. To the point where 5yo woke up and yelled "Mommy! The house is going to fall down!"

4) While the weather may not be cooperating with the whole summer thing, the office is! I came in this morning to an email from Bossman saying we're starting our summer hours next week. What does this mean, you ask? This means, we work a little extra Mon-Thu and get half day Fridays every week! I'm so in.

5) And lastly, I thought I kicked my coffee habit. I hadn't had any for a good long while. Then, at our Laos New Year Festival about three weeks ago, my mom and aunts had a booth selling food, Thai tea and iced coffee and I had a little. Now I feel like I need some every day, though I've been good and have only given into the craving about 3x a week.

*raises cup of iced mocha* Hope your weekend is sunny and bright! (Hope mine is too!)


Christine Fonseca said...

YOU KICKED COFFEE???? I'm totes impressed. I switched to decaf??? does that count?

Christine Fonseca said...

HA!@ OH!!!!! You ALMOST kicked it. Whew. I thought the world had turned upside down or something :D

Stephanie McGee said...

The sun is actually shining today so maybe that means it will all weekend, too. :D Hope your weekend is an awesome one!

Eric said...

I'm so glad my internal system doesn't like coffee or I'd be right there with ya LOL. Sounds like you are just as busy these days as I am. Stay outta the hail :)

Alicia Gregoire said...

I so wish we had summer hours at the day job. I'd so get on board with that.

Yamile said...

I just read my first Dessen this weekend and I loved it. I totally understand now why she's the queen of Contempt YA. I haven't had any coffee for at least 18 years, but I love the smell of it. Love it.