Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's Up?

It's Wednesday. And I thought I already had a blog post ready, but . . . apparently not.

So bear with my ramblings, his week's a bit crazy for me. One of my colleagues is leaving the company and we have to figure out who and what is going to happen with her work, the little kidlet is turning 3 and having a big family / some friends party on Saturday that I'm totally NOT ready for (as in, I sent out a text message giving everyone a heads up, but I only JUST got the actual invitations in the mail yesterday - pathetic, I know), we've got so much laundry to get done I feel like the mountain of it is going to swallow me whole, and that's just some of the RL stuff.

If we're gonna talk writing, well . . . I've got revisions to work on for wip#1, an overhaul and rewrite of wip#2, and the sort-of-outlined-but-not-really wip#3 characters won't quit talking to me!

Enough rambling and ranting though.

On the bright side, we've got some spring showers right now, but temps are supposed to go as high as 79 this weekend. 79! Yay to warmth and sunshine and summer dresses! Hmm, maybe that's why the characters of wip#3 are talking to me. The story takes place over a summer and, well, they can FEEL the temperatures rising too!

Oh, and let's not forget what Friday is. Well, for some, I guess it's just Friday, other's it's Friday the 13th. For me? It's what I have officially deemed SARAH DESSEN DAY! She'll be in Salt Lake on tour for her new book WHAT HAPPENED TO GOODBYE. I'm so so sooooooo excited. My sister and one of Husband's cousins (both still teens) are going with me and I think my fangirly-ness might freak them out a bit, but yanno, I don't think I care. IT'S SARAH DESSEN!!!!!!

In the meantime, until SARAH DESSEN DAY arrives, I suppose I better go prioritize or something. Maybe I'll make a list. I do love a good list.

How about you guys? What's up on this springy Wednesday?


Stephanie McGee said...

What's up? The sun, I think. I would know save for all the clouds and the rain. Sigh. Thanks for sending the storms my way. *glowers*


Writing, interviewing, etcetera. Mostly distractions and not enough productivity.

ali said...

Huzzah! I so wish I could go with you! I'd love to see you in prime fangirl mode. I'm very sad to not be participating in a big writerly event for you when you've tagged along on all the less-than-interesting-for-you fantasy signings. I hope you'll post all about it! Yeah!

Tana Adams said...

Wow! Awesome! Tell Sarah I say hi *waves* I so wish I was there.

Chris Phillips said...

Not much going on here. Good luck with the work situation.