Monday, March 30, 2009

It's Warm, but I Don't Have Anything Else to Read

There's a meeting I had to go to (yes, I had to go ;P) in Puerto Rico this week. Spent S's birthday traveling - SLC to ATL to SJU. So now here I am in warm Puerto Rico! I have to say, leaving the blizzard this morning, I wasn't too sad. I do miss the girls though, and am sad that I wasn't home for the bday, but he got to go fishing all day without having to worry about me waiting for him to come home, so that probably made the day better for him anyway. Lol.

Anyway, finally landed here just after 8 P.M. and when I climbed into the taxi, it said the temperature was 81 degrees F. Yes, that's right. In SLC when I was leaving it was 26 degrees F. I know, I know, deal with it, but I can't help trying to spread my joy that here, it's warm!! I'm enjoying it enough for everyone back home. I promise.

The other thing about this trip was it really put into perspective just how fast I read. We specifically made a bookstore stop over the weekend so I didn't have to make a stop at the crappy airport bookstore. I picked up a couple and figured they'd last me at least the flight here and maybe the SJU to ATL leg on the way back and I'd just do some writing or something ATL to SLC, but nope. I'm completely finished with one and about halfway with the other. I just read way too fast. So now it looks like I may have to make a stop at the bookstore. Not looking forward to that. The selection will not be up to par and I'll end up getting something that I really shouldn't because it's an emergency purchase, not a thoughtful one. *sigh* What's girl to do??

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