Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday Wondering: Chronological or Out of Order?

Firstly, I've decided to start a new "thing" on the blog: Wednesday Wonderings. It could be related to writing, reading, life, thoughts on the universe or maybe even the bizarre way that chocolate and cayenne pepper really compliments each other. It'll be a surprise every week! But it'll always start in my mind with the "I wonder . . . " And I'd love it if I can get some thoughts from others out there. So here goes . . .

Wednesday's Wondering - Chronological or Out of Order?

Recently I've read some Tweets and blog comments on the number of words a person has written in a day. It appears some people have a certain number of word goal each day and there's a happy celebration *dancing* when they reach their goal. This got me thinking.

Mind you, I have not committed myself to a certain number of words each day. For me, it stifles my creativity a bit and makes it feel more like a classroom assignment to meet a quota. Just a personal feeling there. Anyway, sidetracked, here was the thought that came to me: are these people working on their projects in chronological order?

For me, stories flow in a more memory-esque way. Things come to me out of order and I have to figure out where they go. So what about you? Do you write chronologically or do you have to take some time to move things around because the story came to you in out of order sections?


Being Beth said...

I always, ALWYAS write my first draft chronologically. Then I have to figure out where the story really begins and what to use as backstory. That's my problem right now with my WIP. In some ways the story starts with an Indian massacre and works forward from there. On the other hand, it would be so delicious and much more powerful to start the story later and wind the backstory of the massacre throughout the book. But, then where is the beginning?

Windy said...

Thanks for the feedback, Beth. I think there's a "write" (forgive the pun, it's one of those days today!) beginning and you'll just know. It is what it is and different for all of us. Maybe with your WIP the beginning will work it's way out once you've completed your first draft. For me, well, let's just say, cut & paste are my friends. ;)