Monday, March 9, 2009

Learning Lessons

Firstly, it's snowing. The weekend was close to 70 the whole time, and now it's snowing. Big. Fat. Stick to your face. Stick to the road. Stick everywhere. Flakes. I'm really tired of this. Spring, spring, where are you?

Because I have so much free time (yeah, right), S and I decided last night that he needs to work on taking more "people" pictures. He's much better at the nature pics, but that's not as good at generating funds as "people" pictures can be. But I'm much better at envisioning pictures, so as my third job, I'm taking on the position of art director. Hopefully this pans out well. We have our first "job" in a couple weeks.

On another note, there have been so much fodder going around about #queryfail on Twitter! Both negative and positive and if you don't know what #queryfail day was, check out this link to Colleen Lindsay's blog. Apparently, she's getting hate mail for it, but as a writer, I think it was really valuable, if a little snarky. But everyone's entitled, I think. I mean, who doesn't get a little snarky at work? Sometime's you just sit there and ask yourself, "seriously? so-and-so did not just do/say that. oh, seriously he/she did. OMG, I can't believe it." Well, if you can't learn from your mistakes. . . right? For me it gave me further insight into the world of the slush pile agents have to wade through, making me think that much harder about my own query. Just like everyone else, I don't want to #queryfail.

While some out there may see it as negativity and to a point, it may be, but is the glass half full, or half empty? It's all in how you see it. My glass is half full and I'm taking notes on what not to do. (From what I hear, following submissions guidelines is the way to go! LOL)

Happy snowy Monday!

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