Friday, July 31, 2009

Spreading the Bookworm Love

I love to read. Almost as much as I love to write.

I'm a big fan of libraries, bookstores, supermarket book sections and any other place that is an avid supporter of books. This includes places that provide good reading material when they know you just have to sit there. Like the doctor's office or most other kinds of waiting rooms.

Well the fam and I headed out for dinner the other night and ended up at the nearby Chili's. We put our name on the wait list and sat down to, well, wait. I looked across their little greeting area and what should I see?

Yes, that's right. That is a BIG basket of books they have setup for the kids to look at and read while waiting to be seated. How awesome is that?!? Mind you, my husband thought I was a total dork wanting to capture this pic and I'm sure the other people standing around thought I was a total weirdo too, but hey, I can't help giving props to an eating establishment that has not only thought of the little ones, but have opted for books over toys to entertain the kidlets as they wait!
I have no problem admitting I'm a total bookworm and I'm all about anyone who wants to spread that bug around!

So here's to you, Chili's @ Jordan Landing in WJ, UT. You rock!


Being Beth said...

Now that is one cool restaurant! I love it.

Suzette Saxton said...

What an AMAZING concept! Let's hope it takes off like wildfire and becomes the norm at restaurants nationwide.

Angie said...

That's so cool. I so want to eat there. I just awarded you a One Lovely Blog award over at Notes From the Writing chair. Check it out!

ElanaJ said...

Very cool!