Wednesday, July 1, 2009

WiP Wednesday: Stewing

The last week or so, I've mostly just been letting projects stew. I think I finally have my query letter ready for a certain project. I finished the first draft of another. And I'm still trying to layout the new one - I keep asking myself questions I can't answer about characters and stories and backgrounds.
So, yeah. Stewing.

Not wanting to waste my wanton efforts of productivity and knowing that I do need to go back to do revisions and edits this is what I've done in the interim as the brain has been playing the stewage game with words. . . We'll call it "editing my yard" yeah?:
Once upon a time, this was a HUGE hydrangea bush. Alas, it is hydrangea-ing no more. And we (my dh and I) are both unbelievably ecstatic about that! Now we're just waiting for the death of it (unfortunately by way of salt and horribly toxic chemicals-we could find no other way!)

Here are some of the casualties, both of the hydrangea bush as well as trimmings from 3 trees in our backyard. I was ruthless. Still working on that same ruthlessness on the wordage side . . .

Up next? Well, if it stops raining and doesn't rain again *crossing fingers* the ground might dry up enough we can mow the lawn. Freak Utah weather, I'm not holding my breath.
So really, this is probably the one that is the MOST like all the revisions I have to get done. It's there. It needs to be done. But (insert random weather related excuse here) is keeping me from it. *sigh*

What about you? How are your wips coming along??
P.S. Still looking for Recent Reads recommendations if anyone has any. I mostly prefer to read fiction of the YA variety and any sub-genre in there, but I'm totally open to suggestions from any genre!

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