Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Fun

Last Friday, that is.

Thanks to the lovely Elana and Suzette for organizing and hosting a fantabulous evening of writerly fun!

I had met a few of these folks before, a few others I only knew of from the interwebs. I had no idea so many of us lived so close together! But I also had a chance to get to know some new people -- all together, a fun and amazing group. Published authors, those just starting out, some wading through the slush piles and others cheering everyone on! I love having the opportunity to know so many people so close who get me.

With writing, some may say it is a very solitary activity, but yanno what? The friends I have made since I began writing again, and as I've been swimming through the process to publication have made it one of the most social things I've ever done!

So thanks to Al Gore (who we're toasting, btw) for coming up with this fantabulous idea of interwebbiness. Thanks to the lovely and gracious Suzette, for letting us raid your house and with the amazing Elana, organizing a shindig only to be topped by future such shindigs!

Oh, and if you're not following any of these peeps already, you really should be.

From Left to Right standing: LT Elliot, Mary Campbell, Nichole Giles, Alaina Evans, Elana Johnson, Angie Lofthouse, Carolyn Vawdrey, Michelle Argyle, Suzette Saxton, Windy Aphayrath (That’s ME!)

From Left to Right kneeling: Jenn Wilks, Tess Hilmo, Ali Cross, Natalie Whipple

Not pictured: Jaime Thieler, Kim Webb Reid, Danyelle Leafty, Jenn Johannson, Tiana Lei


Angie said...

I had fun. I'm so glad our daughters hit it off so well. Thanks for the link!

lotusgirl said...

I wish I could have been there. That cross country flight put a damper on it for me though. I told Tess though that next time I'm out there we'll have to do another big shindig.

Nisa said...

So fun! I vote for another one in the summer! I'd volunteer my parent's house but 1) They might not appreciate that and 2) It's in the middle of nowhere Utah. Haha!

Who said writing is solitary? I don't feel it either.

Solvang Sherrie said...

Very cool that you all live so close together!

Elana Johnson said...

I've heard of others nearby as well. Next time it will be a spectacle to remember! Not that this time wasn't, I'm just sayin'. ;-)

WindyA said...

Angie - I know! I was so glad. Kidlet loves having new friends.

Lotusgirl - definitely, let us all know when you're in town and we can plan something!

Nisa - middle of nowhere limits the amount of neighborly complaints against a raucous bunch like us! Lol!

Sherrie - yep, there's bunches of us, as I was lucky enough to find out!

Elana - I've also heard of a few more. Next time can be even more spectacle-acular ..? ok, I better stop making up my own words now.

L.T. Elliot said...

That Al Gore. I'm singing his praises. ;)

So great to meet you in person. You're totally smokin'. It was a GREAT party and I can't wait until we all do it again. (And hopefully I'll get to meet the missing peeps too!)

Nichole Giles said...

Yay AG! In his debt we will ever be.

Glad to meet you in person, Windy. Can't wait for the next shindig. =)


Jessica said...

I saw pics on someone else's blog too, probably Elana! How fun for all of you. :-)