Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

With the start of the calendar year, enrollment has opened for the charter schools in our area. Kidlet is starting kindergarten next year, so I promptly applied based on the deadlines.

The public charter school system runs on a lottery system. Well, the first school we applied to had their lottery last Friday. They say to allow 7 days for notification if your child's name was drawn.

It's been 5 days. I've kept my email open all day everyday. I've gone into the school's system to check on the status of her application about 12 times. I've been waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

The worst part? Kidlet isn't waiting.

It's just ME!

She's blissfully unaware and only knows that she's going to get to go to school next year. Kindergarten. Big kid school. Woohoo. That's usually where the conversation ends.

So, yeah, waiting, hovering over email, checking and rechecking things. It's not just for the queriers or those with books on submission.

Now then, on this lovely snowy, slushy, wet and drizzly (at least in parts of Utah) day . . . what are you waiting for? Cookies to finish baking? The work day to be over? Beta readers to come back to you? Kidlets to FINALLY take a nap so you can get some writing done?


Nisa said...

I'm waiting for my husband to get home. The highlight of my day is when he walks through the door. Boy, do I live an exciting life. Hehe! (Just for the record, I love my life!)

Elana Johnson said...

Ugh. I hate waiting. I'm still waiting. Waiting, waiting, waiting. I might die waiting. Hang in there!

L.T. Elliot said...

Crossin' my fingers for you and kidlet!

I'm waiting for my mind to return from its vacation. It apparently wanted warm weather and left the body behind.

Stephanie L. McGee said...

The schoolday to end. Oh wait, it's over if I'm commenting! LOL

Dominique said...

Hang in there. Fingers crossed for you.

Lady Glamis said...

Does your daughter still take naps? Lucky if she does! Darcy gave that up 6 months ago and she's only 3. I'm waiting to see if we'll get our financial aid money back from my husband's school. They took it away and we have no way to pay for anything. Yeah, hanging by a cliff here.

WindyA said...

Nisa - It's the little things that make life great!

Elana - Don't die. Then we can't karaoke!

LT - Thanks. But if I were your mind, I'd stay where it's nice and toasty!

Stephanie - Yay end of school day!

Dominique - Thanks!

Glams - Yes, kidlet still takes naps. Requires a little negotiation, but they're good for her. And keeping my fingers crossed things work out for you and the fam!

ali said...

I hate waiting too! I'm not cut out for it.

I'm currently waiting for agents to get back to me on queries and submissions. It takes far too long. ;)

Thank goodness I don't have to submit the old-fashioned way! Oh, the horrors!

Jessica said...

Ha! I knew I didn't make up the word kidlet. My friend thought maybe I did but I was pretty sure I'd heard it somewhere else before.

I'm sorry about the charter school. I thought kids were supposed to take tests to get in. My son is in kindergarten at public school this year. I'm pleasantly surprised by how much he's learning. :-) I hope she gets in!