Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Recent Reads: A Couple More!

Something, Maybe by Elizabeth Scott
Book Count: 19

Most teenagers think their parents are embarrassing, but Hannah knows hers take the cake. Her mom is a sometimes employed TV starlet who runs her own website while in her underwear. Her dad is rich, old, manipulative and is always surrounded by girls with fake boobs for his reality show. When Hannah is finally noticed by her longtime crush, it turns out being in love with someone and being in love with the idea of them is totally different.

I was cracking up through the whole thing. While some of the characters were a little extreme, the emotions felt so real. This was an awesome read!

The Bermudez Triangle by Maureen Scott
Book Count: 20

So I bought this book a while back and couldn't get into it. I'm not sure what it was about it, but it just wasn't for me. However, with the recent stories of a group in Florida trying to get this book banned, it piqued my curiosity. So I forced myself through the same pages I could barely make it past and once through those, I actually did enjoy the story.

Three girl friends, one goes away on a summer education trip, the other two stay back, getting summer jobs and end up falling for each other.

There's a lot of self discovery in this story and once I finished the book I thought to myself, why on Earth is that stupid group in Florida trying to ban this book? There's absolutely no reason for it at all. Unless they're homophobic, but that's a whole other topic. So, yeah. Maybe not one of my faves of all time, but it was an enjoyable read once I was able to get a bit more into it.

Side note:

So now I'm 1/5 of the way through my 100 books to read by the end of the year goal and we're halfway through the year. I have a few other books on my to read pile already, but I'm definitely taking suggestions. The ones I've had have been awesome to date!

I still think I can totally get to my goal for the year, but I need your help finding some more "research" material to pick up. Any recommendations?

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