Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cupcakes and A Perfect Match(ed) Contest!

Do you know what day it is? Tuesday. That's right. And do you know what's in six days?

Husband would tell you that it would be Monday. And I actually agree a little bit, it will be Monday. But not just any Monday. It's Valentine's Day and in honor of that, I've decided that today is pre-Valentine's Treat Tuesday!

So to start off ... let's treat ourselves to some festive cupcakes. Go ahead, help yourself.
But that's not all!

From what I hear ;) ... Valentine's Day is a bit about that thing some people call love, right? So it's no wonder when people find their perfect match, they want to celebrate it with lots of treats and conversation hearts whispering sweet nothings to the taste buds.

Well, here's a perfect match for you for this upcoming Valentine's Day: your very own signed copy of Ally Condie's MATCHED!

As usual, the rules for entry are simple*: be a follower and comment on this post, telling me about how you found your perfect match - or who you think your perfect fictional match is.

And, of course there is always a little bit of fine print. I mean, this is a contest after all!

If you tweet, facebook or blog this contest and come back and let me know, I will totally give you extra entries for each. :)

Due to shipping charges, I'm limited to running this contest for the peeps in the U.S. and Canada only. Sorry if you live beyond those countries. As soon as that tree growing money sprouts up in the backyard, you guys are totally in!

The contest is open through . . . you guessed it! Valentine's
Day! (In case you live under a rock, or don't believe in Valentine's Day or something, that would be Monday, February 14.)

Good luck! Spread the word! Spread the love!


Marquita Hockaday said...

Cute contest :) Unfortunately I still have not found my "perfect" match. Mainly b/c I am waiting for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jake Gyllenhaal, Eminem, Garrett Hedlund, Hayden Christensen, Ashton Kutcher, and Josh Hartnett to fight over me and the victor will be my perfect match. Whew! I think I like too many celebs...

As far as a fictional match, I could go for either Gale or Peeta from the Hunger Games, and Sam from Shiver/Linger.

I tweeted! http://twitter.com/#!/KeeKeeHockaday/status/34966644430217216

Thanks for the contest :))

Yahong said...

Fictional match... Felix Phoenix from Tanith Lee's PIRATICA. :)

Amanda said...

First of all, I want a cupcake! Second of all, there isn't enough comment space for me to list all of my fictional perfect matches! ;)

Alicia Gregoire said...

Those cupcakes look awesome.

My match is Hubby. I met him while we were working on a production of Romulus 8 years ago.

I'm a follower and I added your contest to the blog: http://aliciagregoire.blogspot.com

Shawntelle Madison said...

I'm reading MATCHED right now and I love it.

I have met my perfect match while we were in college. :) Even though on some days he is just like any other husband, he is perfect for me.

This is a fun contest!

L.T. Elliot said...

Excellent contest! (I already have the book so don't enter me in the contest but hooray for whoever wins it!) Happy early Valentines, Windy!

Julie Musil said...

What a fun contest, and I love it when they're easy! I just tweeted @juliemusil.

My perfect match is my hubby. We met at 12 and 15 (in the snack line at middle school), started dating at 15 and 18, and have been married almost 22 years. Yep, he's my lobster.

Chris said...

I really want to read this one!!

I met hubby at the institute (a place to take religious classes) attached to the Jr College where hubby and I were both going to school (in Cali). I was in the little common area helping another guy with math (who happened to be a friend of my hubby), and hubby came up and started talking to us. We talked for over an hour. It took a while to meet up again after that and I wondered if it would work out, but we both attended a dance and met up there. We started dating then and never looked back. We have been married 13 1/2 years now!

Nicole Zoltack said...

I so want a cupcake!

My perfect match is my hubby. We met the first day of classes freshman year of college. We got together 4 months later and have been together ever since.

Fictional though I would say Damon Salvatore.

ali said...

Oh man, those cupcakes so delish! It's a shame I really can't reach into my computer and grab one! Shame on you for tempting me!

Tana Adams said...

Aww, I would luv, love, luve a signed copy!!!!! BTW, I adore cupcakes and Valentines day. Perhaps info my husband should be made aware of? Thanx for the reminder!!

Diane said...

Just found you through a tweet of T.Anne's. Your newest follower. Have a great week and BTW YUM!!! :O)

Anne said...

I've been wanting to read this one for a while. I love the idea of a valentines contest. So sweet.

Jonathon Arntson said...

Cupcakes = YUM

I am in the middle of MATCHED right now and it is good.

My perfect match............yeah, still looking.