Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Week of Writerly Thanks: Thursday

Today's a day to remember what we're thankful for, but I think this is something that we need to remind ourselves of EVERY SINGLE DAY.

My Thanksgiving resolution is to try to remember and appreciate what I have and not worry so much about everything else.

I appreciate that I have a family who does their best to support me through thick and thin, there to help me pass the waiting time in a publishing process fraught with hurry up and wait, who take on the crazy kidlets so I can get in a few more words, who (usually remember) social networking is part of my job, and no matter what ... I appreciate having a family who is THERE for me.

To that point, I am reminded how lucky I am to be able to spend today with a loving family (no matter how neurotic everyone can be), how supportive they are, in their own special way, and how, despite the fact they may not understand why I do what I do, they still love me for it. Either that, or they are thankful for the fact I always come bearing food ;)

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Week of Writerly Thanks: Wednesday

I'm a little late to post today, but I wanted to make sure and get this in ... (an overnight trip to the emergency room with a kidlet totally throws your whole schedule off!). All is well now and that's what is important!

What I was actually planning on posting today was this: 

As a kid I could not wait to get out of Utah. I suppose most teens are totally of the "cannot wait to escape this place!" mentality - getting away from suffocating parents, everyone knows everyone and is up in my business, there's nothing here .. you know the drill.

Well, I am so thankful I didn't leave! 

Over the years, as I've grown older and grown to appreciate more of my surroundings, I've learned Utah is an amazing place. We have an opportunity to enjoy all 4 seasons, this is the home of the greatest snow on Earth (great for a snowboarder like me!), the number of national parks and monuments to enjoy are (imo) unparalleled! There is so much to inspire the creative mind here!!

Yeah, most of this stuff not such a big deal when you're a kid, but now, I love that I live here!

Plus, an added bonus ... back in those days I had no idea the writerly mecca that Utah is ... especially when it comes to young adult authors who live here. It's been such an amazing thing to get to meet and grow to be friends with these uber-talented, witty, smart, and kind people who I would not have had the opportunity to get to know otherwise! Plus, if I'm drinking the same Utah water as them, something's gotta rub off right? Here's hoping! 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Week of Writerly Thanks: Tuesday

The world is a really big place.

24,901 miles around at the equator, to be a little more accurate.

That's a whole lot of earth to be hugging, but in the last few years, this world has gotten so much smaller. As a writer, I can't begin to express how awesomely amazing that is. All because of the internet, I've been able to meet amazing people (see HERE), see beautiful places I wouldn't otherwise be able to see, and figure out (to a reasonable degree) the overwhelming publishing industry.

Thanks to the internet, I've learned about books I probably would've never picked up, met characters in exotic places that actually exist and I can find pictures of, and overall, made me feel like just a tiny bit bigger of a fish in this gigantic pond.

I've grown so attached to the internet, when I don't have access, it's a bit like losing that 6th sense (no, not the seeing dead people one, *shudders* I don't EVER want that one...).

I guess that means also, that I need to also give thanks to Al Gore. Since, yanno, he is arguably the creator / discoverer / inventor / genius dude behind the internet.

Yeah, so thanks, yo.

Monday, November 19, 2012

A Week of Writerly Thanks: Monday

There is an amazing community of writers that I am lucky to call myself a part of. Over the past several years as I've rediscovered my writing, I've been able to meet some awesomely talented people. These people have encouraged me when I've needed a cheerleader in my corner, they've learned and grown with me as we've waded through all the different facets of the writing process, and best of all, I can now count so many of these people as friends.

I'm kicking off my Week of Writerly Thanks with a huge virtual hug to all the wonderful people who are a part of the writing community that I've found a home in. You are brilliant, talented, and beautiful and I am so lucky to know and have you in my life, whether it is in-person, or virtually. I don't know where I'd be without all of you.

Okay, everyone... Group Hug!

Disclaimer: I have much more than a week's worth of writerly (and all otherly) thanks to give, but we'll call this the Reader's Digest version ;)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Random Friday Five

1) I took 2 months off from blogging. It was technically 70 days as of yesterday. It was sort of an unplanned hiatus, as in, I meant to blog and then just kept forgetting. Then when I went to blog, I felt like I didn't have anything to say. So I didn't. It's all a vicious circle of rambling, I tell you.

2) I love food. And next week is Thanksgiving. Woohoo! It's my favorite holiday of the year! I mean, food, family, food, football, food, and no pretense on gift giving, major decorations, or any of that red tape. It's all about appreciating. And the food. It's a lot about the food too! What's not to love, right?

3) Speaking of football, well, more like mentioning of football ... I'm in a Fantasy Football league this season. Except I forget that's what it's called and I keep calling it Final Fantasy football. My strategy for drafting my team? Criteria #1: Do I recognize this player's name? -if yes, draft. Criteria #2: Is this player a former Ute (UofU all the way!!)? -if yes, draft. Criteria #3a: Does this player have a cool sounding name? -if yes, check picture. Criteria #3b: Does this player look like they would be a nice person in real life? -if yes, draft. Pretty scientific, right?

4) 4yo came home from preschool the other day with a crown. She'd earned the very prestigious Alphabet Crown - meaning she knows all her letters and sounds. She proceeded to wear said crown all day. To the grocery store, out to dinner, chasing the dog around. It was a big deal. It made me think that writers should get crowns too. When you get to The End - in whatever form, be it your first draft of the ms, your final revisions, even the dreaded synopsis, you should be crowned for your achievements! And not just any ol' crown. I'm talking Toddlers & Tiaras Miss Grand Supreme crown. The kind bigger than your head. I thought a gigantic sparkly crown topping the sweats and t-shirts I write in would be AWESOME. For whatever reason, she didn't seem quite as excited about the idea. Can't imagine why ...

5) I am totally NOT a Twihard, but I did brave the crowds with one of my bestie girlfriends who had tix to see Breaking Dawn Pt 2 last night. My thoughts? There were not enough SPARKLES!! For more of my thoughts, check back next week -- we have pictures!

Have a great weekend!