Friday, June 12, 2009

Twitter, Words and Seth Morgan

Some highlights of the week in regards to reading, writing and random other stuff.

Started the week in San Diego: a city I love.
But I was there for less than 24 hours. :( No time to enjoy views like this.
Anyway, while there was given a car that smelled like an ash tray. Maybe 25 hours is the pivotal time frame to be in a place before pitching a fit for a different car, but I've decided, if it smell like that when you get there, it will only get worse. Demand a new car ASAP! Because no new car was demanded, all the windows were rolled down for every drive. As such, it appeared that driving at 75 MPH down the freeway with all the windows rolled down was purely for ocean breeze enjoyment. No matter that oxygen flies so fast at that speed, there's no way to breathe.
Tuesday was a highly productive day (and the highlight of my week, so I have to bring it up again): my birthday, I wrote over 6,000 new words and I picked up a couple books from the bookstore. Sushi for dinner and received fantabulous prezes... GCs to the bookstore. yeah. Awesome day.

On a Twitter #askagent session, two very "profound" statements came from the agents who were participating.
@ColleenLindsay - "Don't write to trend; write the best goddamned book you can and start your own trend."
@literaticat made 2 tweets that I thought should be noted: The first - "YA is trending toward WRITE SOMETHING ORIGINAL for god's sake." and the second - "There is always a market for AWESOME."

Another link to highlight: on Nathan Bransford blog yesterday he compiled a Writing Advice Database of all his previous blog posts in regards to the before/during/after & other stuff of writing. Go check it out if you haven't yet. Tons of great stuff in there!

I also finished reading some books I was recommended and now the series isn't over and I'm totally left hanging and I don't know when the next one is coming out and I'm feeling a bit traumatized by this whole situation. (I blame @christinef - but in a good way, because she did introduce me to Seth Morgan and what's not to like there, right? hehehehe.)
Baby E is currently on antibiotics for the ear infection from Hell that will not go away (she's on week 3 of it now, I believe. That is, week 3 that we know of. She's on her 2nd type of antibiotic and broke out in horrible hives late Wednesday. Benadryl helped, but we're still working through it with the doc's office. Hopefully all will be well soon.

Have to go outside and get the yard organized for the Slip 'n Slide. Tomorrow's P's 4th birthday party. She's so excited. She has a list of all the things we're going to do after she's 4 and it's a really long list. But somewhere in there we're looking forward to a fantabulous lunch on Monday with an online writer friend and her 4-yo daughter.

Me thinks that about covers it. Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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